Putin laments deteriorating relations between Russia and the West

DAt a credentialing ceremony for recently appointed foreign ambassadors, Putin welcomed.

Addressing the Swedish delegation, Vladimir Putin lamented the “complete absence of political contacts” and restrictions on “economic cooperation” and “cultural and humanitarian relations” between Russia and Sweden.

The Russian leader also expressed concern that Stockholm would abandon “the 200-year-old policy of non-participation in military camps” by the time Sweden joins NATO.

Speaking to the German ambassador, Putin welcomed the “practical cooperation” relationship being forged with Berlin, regretting that the explosion of the NordStream gas pipeline in 2022 had harmed Russian gas supplies to Germany.

“For decades, our country has provided Germany with environmentally clean gas, oil and other energy products, stable and flawless, at affordable prices. And this cooperation is actually undermined, including the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines”, he commented the Russian President.

Addressing the new British ambassador, Putin limited himself to saying that “everyone knows” the state of dialogue between Russia and the United Kingdom.

“We hope that the situation will change for the better in the interests of our two countries and our people,” the Russian president commented.

Addressing the new Slovenian ambassador, Putin lamented that bilateral dialogue between Moscow and Ljubljana had stalled and that Russia was ready to resume it if the Slovenian side wanted it.

Putin told the new Greek ambassador that it was important to pay attention to the state of bilateral relations, adding that he hoped the “traditional ties” between Athens and Moscow would help restore the partnership between the two countries.

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