Israel formalizes a state of war and intensifies its bombing of Gaza

The Iranian president made the announcement after speaking separately by phone with Palestinian armed movements Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh and Islamic Jihad, Ziad al-Nakala, whom he welcomed separately in Tehran in June.

Iran maintains close ties to both Palestinian movements and was one of the first countries to welcome the Hamas offensive launched on Saturday.

“Iran supports the defense of the Palestinian state. The Zionist regime and its supporters […] “To take responsibility in this case,” President Raisi said in his message to the “State of Palestine.”

He added, “Muslim states must join the Muslim community in support of a Palestinian state.”

Saluting Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the governor concluded his message: “Salute to the resistance of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, salutations to Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, valiant and steadfast Gaza, salutations to Hamas and jihad and all resistance groups. .”

Israel and the Gaza Strip have been at war since a military attack by Hamas on Saturday morning that fired thousands of rockets, drove militants into Israeli territory and captured Israelis, who are still being held hostage.

Provisional reports from sources in both territories put the death toll at over 600 on the Israeli side and around 370 on the Palestinian side.

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, General Mohammad Bagheri, today praised the “complex operation” launched by “groups of Palestinian militants”.

This is the product of the holy anger that the Zionist enemy has sown in the oppressed Palestinian nation, which must now be reaped, he added in a statement.

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For his part, Ali Akbar Velayadi, adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, predicted that this “successful move” would “accelerate the downfall of the Zionist regime.”

“It is too early to say whether Iran was directly involved in the attack by Hamas,” a senior US official pointed out on Saturday. However, he added that there was “no doubt” about the fact that Hamas was “financed, armed and armed” by the regime in Tehran, among other things.

On Saturday night, protesters gathered in Felestin Square in Tehran (Palestine) and waved the Palestinian flag. A large banner displayed on the facade of a building proclaimed in Arabic, “The great liberation has begun.”

In another square in the Iranian capital, another giant panel was installed, showing a black-and-white blanket covering a Palestinian “keffiyeh” (scarf) covering a white-and-blue Israeli flag, with the inscription “Al-Aqsa Flood.” Iranian operation Hamas.

The Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize the State of Israel and has consistently supported the Palestinian cause in its foreign policy since the 1979 revolution.

In response to a surprise attack by Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States and the European Union, Israeli authorities launched aerial bombardments of several Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, using what they called “Iron Swords”. .

The firefight continues today, with numerous rockets fired from the Gaza Strip and Israeli bombing of hundreds of Hamas targets in the Palestinian territories.

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