In Odessa, Evan, Maxim and Dennis play adult war with ‘Checkpoint’ to protect Russian spies – News

In Ovidiopol, near Odessa, Ukraine’s third city, three children set up a curve on the road and ask anyone who sends passwords that only Ukrainians can say, i.e. “palynytsya” (a kind of sweet bread) or “Ukrzaliznytsya” (the name of Ukraine’s state train company, someone who can only speak Russian). Almost impossible “).

Armed with an undead Kalashnikov provided by an army soldier who took “some sweets” to simulate “military supplies”, Evan told Lusa that they should be the trio’s dream guards and “defenders of the homeland.”

During a war, when nothing could be done, the three boys decided to “play in regional security” because classes were “online only and for a short time”, ensuring control by groups of militarized civilians. During the war with Russia and carrying out missions equivalent to regular troops.

There are four checkpoints around Ovidiopol, “this leads to the Fifth Secret Base,” explained Col. Sergei Bratzuk, a spokeswoman for the Military and Civil Operations Center in the Odessa region, with a smile on his face.

“We’re at war, they play and learn like adults do,” he explained.

Next to the wire built across the road is a wall built of tires and other debris, which not only has a flag similar to the structure erected by adults in thousands of places in Ukraine.

Whoever wants to go through that open space, in addition to the keywords, it is necessary to always repeat the password and password that all Ukrainians know by heart: “Slava Ukrani!” And “Herom Slava”.

Enthusiastic about their observational skills, they proudly sang a patriotic song with nationalist notes: “Our father, Bandera, is a mother from Ukraine. Let’s fight for Ukraine! ”

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Stephen Bandera One of the most controversial figures in Ukrainian history, rescued by the Kiev government and accused by the Soviets of collaborating with the Nazis in World War II, led many Ukrainians to side with the Germans.

But Ivan doesn’t appreciate it, and is glad to see he has a gun in his hand even though he’s dead.

“I am ready to do anything for Ukraine,” he says. Soon, he gives the soldiers another reason to play: “There’s nothing else to do here”.

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