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year 2022 SXSW The Film Festival announces the winners of James Morosini I love my dad And Rosa Ruth Posten lord of light He took first prizes in fiction and documentary, respectively.

I love my dad It tells the story of a man who is poached by his estranged father (Patton Oswalt) in an attempt to reconnect, while lord of light It is a portrait of painter George Anthony Morton. The other winners are Something has been undone (Cross-pilot) and All the crows in the world (short fiction).

The 2022 SXSW Film Festival is the first in-person iteration of the Austin-based festival since 2019. The film premiered several major studio titles, including a Sandra Bullock release. the lost City Nicholas Cage movie The unbearable weight of talentplus A24 . entries Everything everywhere at once And the Bodies Bodies and Bodies.

The Hollywood ReporterSherry Linden was among the jury in the feature film competition, along with director Siddant Adlakhan and Jenelle Reilly from diverse.

The Festival Audience Award Awards have not yet been announced. See the full list of SXSW winners below.

Feature Film Grand Jury Awards

Narrative Advantage Contest by Panavision
winner: I love my dad
Director/screenwriter: James Morosini, Producers: Bill Stiritz, Patton Oswalt, Sean O’Grady, Dean Eckerl, Phil Cave, Daniel Brandt, Sam Slater

Acknowledgment by the jury for the extraordinary cinematic vision: staff and crew, He is in all of us

Honoring the Special Jury for Outstanding Performance: Elizaveta Yankovskaya, Nika

Documentary Feature Competition presented by IMAX
winner: lord of light
Director: Rosa Ruth Posten Producers: Roger Ross Williams, Anusha Nzumi, Elga Romanes

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Special Jury Acknowledgment of Exceptional Intimacy in Storytelling: bad ax
Director: David Seif, Producers: Judd Harris, Diane Coon, Catarina Vasquez, David Seif

Special Jury Honors for Documentary Work: Steve Gleu Pez Outlaw

Grand Jury Prizes for Short Film Presented by IMDbPro

short narrative competition
winner: All the crows in the world
Director/screenwriter: Tang Yi, Producer: Haozing Li

Honoring the Special Jury for Directing and Community Filmmaking: luster is not gold
Director/screenwriter: Christian Nolan-Jones Producers: Maya Miller, T. Pops, or . Valerie Nicholas

Honoring the Special Jury for Outstanding Performance: Aphrodite Armstrong, Kyle Riggs, West God

Short Documentary Film Competition
winner: Women’s long line
Directors: Ryka Zetapchi, Chandin Tomey, Producers: Garrett Schiff, Bem Trip-Allen, Ryka Zetapchi, Sam Davis, Dana Kurth

Acknowledgment by the Jury for Visual Reflection: Not even for a moment the things that stand idly by
Director: Jimmy Meltzer Producers: Annie Marr, Jimmy Meltzer, Susan Brennan Firstenberg

midnight shorts
winner: Mishary
Directed/Screenplay: Nouhouch Homayoun, Producer: Bushra Afrin, Nouhouch Homayoun.

Acknowledgment by the jury for a strong ‘Short Journey’: Omi
Director: Kelly Fife Marshall, Screenwriters: Tamar Bird, Kelly Fife Marshall, Producer: Tamar Bird

animated shorts
winner: Pestia
Director: Hugo Covarrubias, Screenwriters: Martin Irazo, Hugo Covarrubias, Producers: Tivo Diaz, Hugo Covarrubias

Special Jury Estimate for Unexpected Emotion: Les L’Armes de la Seine
Directors/screenwriters: Yannis Belaid, Elliot Benard, Producer: Carlos de Carvalho

Special Jury Honor for Visceral Storytelling: something in the garden
Director/screenwriter/producer: Marcos Sanchez

Music videos
winner: Desiree Dawson – “Meet Me at the Light”
Director/screenwriter: Alexandre Farah

Acknowledgment by the Special Jury Going Even Further: Myd – “let’s talk”
Director/screenwriter: Dan Carr

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Texas shorts
winner: Frontera people
Directors: Alejandra Vasquez, Sam Osborne

Recognition of the jury for the vision: birds
Director/screenwriter: Kathryn Propper, Producer: Sophia Lovrida

Texas High School Shorts
Bee’s honey
Director / Screenwriter / Producer: Emilio Vazquez Reyes

Honoring the Special Jury for Artistic Expression: It’s getting worse again
Director/screenwriter: Sarah Reyes, Producers: Sarah Reyes, Kenneth Rogers

Accidental Pilot Competition
winner: Something has been undone
Director: Nicole Dorsey, Screenwriters: Michael Moses, Madison Walsh, Producers: Max Toplin, Jordan Hayes

Special jury recognition for a unique vision in writing and directing: Pamela Rippon and Sarah Gunnarsdottir, year of my dicks

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