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Former US President Donald Trump’s successor to the administration of the crisis in Ukraine on Tuesday was criticized by his successor, Joe Biden, as promised by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Never” will not act in the same way with its management.

“If properly managed, there is no reason to escalate the situation in Ukraine,” the former US president said in a statement.

“I know Vladimir Putin very well Under the Trump administration he would never have done what he is doing nowTrump added this after receiving approval from the Russian president in the Senate this Tuesday to send troops to two separatist areas in Ukraine.

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Donald Trump’s closeness with Vladimir Putin During his tenure he was the target of fierce opposition from the opposition.

Republican millionaire, who He did not rule out the possibility of returning to the race for the White HouseThe sanctions imposed by the Biden government at the time were also described as “weak”.

“They are insignificant compared to the acquisition of a country and strategically located lands,” the former leader accused.

Not only is Putin getting what he always wanted, he is getting richer and richer. Thanks to the rise in oil and gas prices, ”he added.

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At the end of the statement, Trump concluded that the United States was “in a mess.”

US President Joe Biden announced sanctions on Russian individuals, companies and banks this Tuesday, saying that the “beginning of the invasion of Ukraine” was imminent, motivated by Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine.

In an unquestioned White House speech, Biden announced sanctions on the Russian elite and banks, and warned that Russia would “pay even higher prices if it continues its occupation of Kiev.”

Joe Biden said the United States (US) would immediately impose a “total siege” on two large Russian financial institutions and “comprehensive sanctions” on Russian debt.

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