Trump News – Live: Ex-president hails Putin’s ‘genius’ move in Ukraine as E Jean Carroll case continues

Ad trolling Trump about Jan 6 commission developments

Donald Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as “smart” and described his move toward Ukraine as “genius” in a new interview.

Putin’s moves toward a possible full-fledged invasion of Ukraine have led a number of Republicans to seek to blame Joe Biden for the crisis, arguing that Russia had not invaded any country while Trump was president — despite the fact that he has repeatedly sided with Mr. Putin on the US military and intelligence agencies, disdain for NATO, and tried to blackmail the Ukrainian government to investigate the Biden family.

Trump initially broke his silence on the Russia-Ukraine crisis Tuesday morning with a tweet posted by his spokesperson claiming that his relationship with Putin would have prevented the crisis.

The former president experienced another defeat in his efforts to thwart the January 6 Select Committee’s investigation into the causes and events of the Capitol riots. The Supreme Court rejected a request by the former president to review the commission’s request to hand over his records. He has now been defeated several times in his claims that papers from his time in the White House are covered by “executive privilege” and should not be released for investigation.


The House Republicans’ attempt to seize Biden backfired

A tweet from the official House Republican Twitter account accusing Joe Biden of “weakness on the world stage” appears to have backfired somewhat, with an echo of disgusting and sarcastic responses to his vague message…

Andrew NottiFeb 23 2022 10:20


Andrew NottiFeb 23 2022 09:35


Republican candidate denounces Michael Flynn as a ‘traitor’

The Republican candidate for the US Senate has denounced QAnon leader General Michael Flynn as a “traitor” in a heated primary debate.

Everett Stern, a former bank whistleblower who is running for an open Pennsylvania Senate seat in this year’s midterm elections, made the remark while discussing other GOP candidates in Philadelphia Monday night.

While his opponent Cathy Barnett was speaking, Mr. Stern interrupted him to say “You are supported by General Flynn. You are supported by a traitor.”

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Jen Psaki slams Trump for praising Putin

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has criticized former President Donald Trump for his defense of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of parts of Ukraine.

“As a policy, we try not to take advice from anyone praising President Putin and his military strategy, which I think is what happened there,” she said while responding to a question about Mr Trump’s comments.

Maroucheh Muzaffar reports.

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Stephen King says: ‘Putin seriously miscalculated’

American writer Stephen King has studied the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Twitter, the 74-year-old wrote: “Mr. Putin has seriously miscalculated. He forgot that he is no longer dealing with Trump.”

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Lawyer says Trump family may demand Fifth Amendment

She noted that the Trumps were placed “between the rock and the anvil.”

“I haven’t specified what I think is best,” she said, when asked by the host if her clients would invoke them to protect them from self-incrimination.

Andrew Notti He has more.

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Ex-Trump Organization CFO seeks removal of indictment

Allen Wesselberg, the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, on Tuesday asked a judge to dismiss the fraud and tax evasion charges against him, claiming he was a political target.

He said that would violate his immunity in the federal investigation of Michael Cohen, former President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney.

Mr Weisselberg’s lawyers said he was targeted by the Manhattan attorney general and the New York attorney general, along with the former president and the Trump Organization, CNN reported.

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‘Helsinki’ trends on Twitter as Republicans blame Biden for Ukraine crisis

The crisis in Ukraine inspired conversations on social media about former President Donald Trump’s attitude toward Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

As of Tuesday, hundreds of people were tweeting messages with “Trump” and “Helsinki” together.

During the 2018 Helsinki summit, Trump said he believed Putin’s “very strong and forceful” denials about interference in the 2016 election contradicted findings by US intelligence services.

I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. Standing next to the Russian president, Mr. Trump said, “I see no reason for that.

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Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 05:30


Tucker criticized Carlson for playing down criticism of Russia

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is facing a backlash for stepping up his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the crisis in Ukraine. Popular Fox News critics have I greatly preferred Russia In his latest coverage.

On Tuesday, Carlson said, “Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin? Has Putin shipped every middle-class job in your town to Russia? Did he create a global pandemic that destroyed your business? Does he teach your children to embrace racial discrimination? Does he make fentanyl? Does he eat dogs?” ?

His comments came on the heels of former President Donald Trump’s praise of the Russian leader. In an interview, Trump called Putin “smart” and called his move toward Ukraine “genius.”

Criticizing the host, Senator Jim Hendren wrote on Twitter: “I watched his Air Force drop chemical weapons on kids. How about that for Tucker Carlson’s reason?” He was referring to a 2017 report when Russia faced sharp criticism from world powers over The killing of chemical weapons in northern Syria.

In 35 seconds here, Tucker Carlson basically said: Putin is not your enemy. Your fellow American is,” Representative Adam Kinzinger tweeted.

“This is far from dangerous,” he added.

Alisha Rahman SarkarFeb 23 2022 05:24

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