He dies waiting for help; Discipline loses 120 thousand students

BOmg day! It's early in the week and time to catch up on the headlines in the national newspapers you'll find on newsstands on Monday, January 22.

We begin Morning mailWho writes “He alone waits for help. INEM opens investigation into man's death in Setúbal”.

at General The headline is “Moral Education Loses 120,000 Students in a Decade and Opens to New Cults.”

oh Newspaper “Reports of the illegal sale of animals continue to increase”, at the same time News diary “Drought in Algarve and Alentejo: Reservoirs full, idea of ​​south is rejected in north”.

In a special journal, The Commercial “Conversa Capital: Tony Cabral. Signs U.S. gas could be entry point into Europe” and The Economic Journal “Chinese invest two billion in lithium battery factory in China”.

Finally, the game. ball 'gosh' “nest of happiness. Marcos Leonardo enchanted with Benfica”, The Register “Joo Neves and Antonio Silva are the favourites,” Jorge Mendes guarantees interest from the big Europeans. game “'Resolute in quest for leadership'. Evanilsson was involved in six of FC Porto's 12 goals in January and further promises: 'I'm going through the best phase of my career'”.

Read all topics:

Morning Mail:

– “He dies alone waiting for help. INEM opens investigation into man's death in Setubal”

– “Police race over flood in Parliament”

– “Social Security plans to raise retirement age by one month per year”

– “Benfica. Schmidt delighted with Carreras”

– “Sport. Coates confident of League Cup”

– “Associations are supported. FPF members have a salary of 3 thousand euros”

– “FC Porto. The most dangerous dragon without Teremi”

– “Priests disagree. Sexual diversity opens conflict in Scouts”

– “AD plan. Montenegro guarantees 15th tax-free month”

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– “S. Vicente. Lisbon Presents Relics to Diocese of Algarve”

– “Hospital discharges. Complaints about failures triple”


– “Depriving 120,000 students of moral education in a decade and opening them up to new cults”

– “AD Convention: Montenegro launches emergency health plan as Portas returns to stage”

– “Heated tobacco will not have shocking images, but the aroma will be forbidden”

– “Cinema. Fernando Mados Silva: 'I experienced the charm and disappointment of this country'”

– “Investigation: Portuguese group gets eight million to fight viruses we don't know about yet”

– “Football: Gianluigi Buffon asked for big goals, so maybe more goals from outside the box. Is he right?”

– “Jorge Moreira da Silva: 'It's nothing to be a UN employee' in Gaza”

– “US Elections: Ron DeSantis Drops Race to Endorse Trump”

– “Record: Ownerless land may change hands in 2024”


– “Reports of illegal animal trade continue to rise”

– “Expectations see no end. PSP and GNR experts rally in Belem demanding partner due to PJ”

– “Interview: 'Only mothers are comparable to God'. Walter Hugo May breaks with his previous works and publishes new book”

– “Local authorities invest in participatory budgeting”

– “Emergency and private services suffer casualties since March”

– “AD: Montenegro proposes emergency health plan”

– “Rubbish: Libor delivers electricity in Greater Porto”

– “Verdict: Drunk driver who threatened two cops”

– “Media: Journalists agree to historic general strike”

– “League Cup: Amorim never lost with Arter George”

News Diary:

– “Drought in Algarve and Alentejo: Reservoirs full, idea of ​​moving south rejected in north”

– “Montenegro Puts All Its Chips In Effective Vote Against Contraption 2.0”

– “Tourism: Development changes nature and culture of Greek islands, but locals resist”

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– “Bethany Hughes: 'Istanbul still has the cosmopolitan vibe it enjoyed throughout its history'”

– “Where were you 50 years ago? Teresa Tito de Morais Mendes, founder and president of the Council for Portuguese Refugees”

– “War: Hamas defends October 7 attack on Israel 'necessary' and admits 'mistakes'”

– “Mourinho: A winner, he needs to think about how he wants to end his career”


– “Conversation Capital: Tony Cabral. Sains could be an 'entry point' for US gas into Europe. 'Donald Trump should lose in elections, not in courts,' says Massachusetts House of Representatives”

– “Contract Model Stops Generali at Banco CTT”

– “Private Investor: Find out how to avoid price gouging when buying a plane ticket”

– “Job: Compensation fund to be used till exhausted”

– “Energy: Namibia Golf's New 'Diamond'”

– “Whitening: Supervisor wants an end to gray answers”

Journal of Economics:

– “Chinese invest two billion in lithium battery factory in Sains”

– “IP rules out delays in high-speed works between Porto and Lisbon”

– “AD 15% IRC over four years, IRS reduction for youth upto 35 years and emergency plan for health”

– “'Big pillars of the EU are failing so more rich countries can leave': Michael Jagger, President of the Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE)”

– “US results and first ECB meeting of the year”

– “Costa denies using TAP to attack PNS politically”


– “Nest of happiness. Marcos Leonardo delighted with Benfica”

– “Futsal. Sporting Wins League Cup From Benfica”

– “Sporting. The team is already valued at 85 million euros this season”

– “FC Porto. Çaglar Soyuncu wants to return home”

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– “Spain. Felix Trivela in Barcelona win”

– “England. Jota and Darwin score twice in Liverpool defeat”

– “European Volleyball Championship. Sweden crushes Portuguese dream”


– “'Joao Neves and Antonio Silva are hot favorites', Jorge Mendes guarantees interest from big Europeans”

– “42.5 million buying vultures. Winter with the highest investment ever”

– “Sport. Centers for summer”

– “Futsal. Benfica-Sporting (2-4). League Cup belongs to Leo”

– “Futsal. Controversy. Reds protest final and replay request”

– “FC Porto. Varela follows in Uribe's footsteps. Equals or breaks many records in his debut year”

– “Handball. Sweden-Portugal (40-33). 'Socks' dream is over”


– “'Resolute in quest for leadership'. Evanilsson was involved in six of FC Porto's 12 goals in January and promises more: 'I'm going through the best phase of my career'”

– “Yerry Mina is a new target for the defense. The 29-year-old Fiorentina center's experience is seen as an asset by Canceo”

– “Benfica: 100 million forwards for Schmidt. Rolheiser and Prestiani reach triple digits. Together, the Dragons and Lions will not go over 62 MEuro”

– “Bologna pays 7 MEuro to Muse”

– “Volleyball: Portugal hits a glacier. Defeat [40-33] The semi-final of the European Championship with Sweden will cost, there will be pre-Olympic matches”

– “Sport: Coates wants proof of strength. Federal government uses League Cup to send 'message' to rivals”

– “Sporting beat Benfica to win Futsal League Cup”

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