The Portuguese who traveled around Europe on foot reached the Mediterranean

He entered Spanish territory by way of Badajoz, and it was in this town that he first encountered the worst side of men. “They tried to rob me. Fortunately, I was able to react and everything was fine,” he reveals. In Spain, firefighters have not cooperated in staying overnight and have started using tents more often. “I was forced to buy a bigger one. I brought a small model because of its weight, but with the low temperatures I encountered, a lot of condensation formed. The trolley in which he left Guimarães could not withstand the roughness of the road. “I bought a big one with strong wheels. It’s heavy, but it has bicycle-style wheels so it’s easy to push.

These setbacks highlight the scarcity of resources in this journey. However, Henrique Pereira is more confused: “The path is forward”. He asked Decathlon, Delta Cafés and Guimarães City Council for support, but received no response. The adventurer is ready to live at least, but he needs support to do it, which is why he started a fundraising campaign: MB Way, 91 958 37 68; Exchange, PT50 0036 0117 99100023136 64; Or through the site,

For the next four days, Henrique Pereira walks with a Spanish friend, but most of the time, during the next four years, he will be alone. The decision to embark on this adventure across 41 countries was prompted by “not being able to make minimum wage and not being able to save money for the trip.” For now, the journey is pretty easy. The French went all the way up the Spanish coast and reached northern Italy. “I’m going to go to Rome, because being in Italy is really what it should be”, he says. Then it enters a part of Europe – the Balkans – where it faces more difficulties. “Cold, bears, very unsafe area,” he admitted.

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A travel plan created in a computer application he used when delivering packages allows him to optimize distances, for safety reasons, to receive items and to ensure he is not too far from populated areas. What a guarantee. able to enter Russia, where he hopes to arrive in about two years. Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be spent “somewhere in the south of Spain, probably in Valencia where I have a friend”.

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