Green hydrogen. The pipeline with Spain already has the seal of approval to receive European funds

Two projects submitted by REN are eligible for European funding. A third electricity link with Spain also received a seal.

Two Portuguese green hydrogen projects have today received the stamp of approval to apply for European funds.

The projects “allow the implementation of a Green Energy Corridor for Hydrogen Transport linking Portugal and Spain with Central Europe,” the Environment Ministry announced in a statement today.

Spain (H2Med/CelZa) and the gas pipeline with the ‘Portuguese hydrogen backbone’ already have an important program of common interest stamp, which means they can get European financing for 75% of eligible costs.

“This seal demonstrates the strategic relevance of these infrastructures to the objectives and goals of the European Union, and subsequently makes it possible to qualify for European funding under the Connecting Europe Facility – Energy (“CEF-E”), “, can be read in the statement of Rua do Século.

The ‘H2Med/CelZa’ project submitted by REN-Gasodutos, SA, “represents an investment of 204 million and will consist of approximately 242 km of pipelines, of which 162 km will be in Portugal. This infrastructure will be complemented by other projects, such as the H2Med/BarMar interconnection (Spain-France) and the French and the infrastructure connecting the German hydrogen networks, which will enable a major one to emerge
Green Hydrogen across the Mediterranean”.

The plan was first announced in Brussels in October 2022 by French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Ministers Pedro Sánchez and Antonio Costa of Portugal and Spain.

The aim of the H2Med project is to transport 2 million tons of hydrogen annually, which is 10% of European consumption. Between Portugal and Spain, the transport capacity is expected to reach 750 thousand tons of hydrogen per year.

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The ‘Portuguese Hydrogen Backbone’ project was also submitted by REN-Gasodutos, and consists of the “construction and adaptation of the gas network.
About 210 million euros are being invested in Portugal. The project creates important conditions for the production and integration of green hydrogen in the Central Interior region of Portugal and in the Figueira da Foz region, helping to create new value chains in Portugal and connecting it to the European Green Energy Corridor. This project is facilitated by H2Med/CelZa and represents the first phase.
Building a Broad National H2 Infrastructure.”

The project includes about 50 km of new Figueira da Foz-Cantanhede hydrogen transport infrastructure, and three adapted hydrogen gas pipelines: Cantanhede-Mangualde (68 km main trunk and 8 km secondary line); Mangualde-Celorico da Beira (48 km from
main stem); and Celorico da Beira-Monforte (213 km main trunk and 4 km secondary line), MAAC explained in a statement.

At the same time, projects in areas of power connections such as the connections between Portugal and Spain (3rd Minho Interconnection) and Spain and France (Bay of Biscay) also received the PIC seal. Electrical systems
Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe”.

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