General Hospital Spoilers Dec. 26, 2022 to Jan. 6, 2023 has the newest, newest Public Hospital Spoilers for two weeks from Monday, December 26th to Friday, January 6th. Heather learns interesting information, Cyrus offers to help Laura, Liz shares a revelation with Finn, and Obrecht takes matters into her own hands – plus the holidays are in full swing in Port Charles!

Public Hospital Spoilers for the week of December 26:

Public Hospital Spoilers for Monday, December 26:

Heather makes a GH deal
Today Public Hospital, Heather offers to help Mac and Robert Esme is caught, but he wants something in return. Laura and Curtis are both suspicious when they see Trina and Spencer with their heads together.

Teri shouldn’t be surprised by anything Britt does, and yet, in a way, she is. (Could this have something to do with that Party killer Brett is planning to throw For her?)

A little information in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous thing. And in the hands of Heather Weber? Well, we can’t imagine what kind of chaos it would cause!

To prove he’s actually a friend, Dante encourages Cody. But will his friend listen?

Trina and Spencer are of the same mind. But will their determination pay off?

Robert and Mac are ready to sit down at the negotiating table.

Public Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, December 27:

Carly con Drew again GH

In today’s summary, Carly manages to thwart Drew’s search Willow’s born-again parents by hiding a key piece of information from him, and Dex issues Sonny a warning about the Pikeman Security Group.

Remember when Brook Lynn and Maxie couldn’t stand each other? They’ve come such a long way, thanks to them concocting some schemes together. So it’s no surprise that when Brook Lynn needs someone to talk to, Maxie is there.

Michael continues to be 100 percent supportive of Willow and her plans.

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Sonny was wary when Valentine approached him with a deal proposed by competitors. When Sonny brokers a deal, does it relate to this shady offer?

Carly keeps interfering, completely ignoring us as we sit here warning us that she will likely regret her actions. (Why, why, do televs never listen?)

Chase and Sasha find time to catch up on recent events.

Public Hospital Spoilers for Wednesday, December 28:

We don’t necessarily think of Obrecht as the most honest of people, but we suspect that the promise she made today is one she intends to keep.

They’re apparently serving ice cream in hell, because Spencer does something we never thought we’d see: apologize to Ava. (Then again, we’ve seen sparks fly between the two for so long, his photographer even suggested The pair may cross the line one day!)

They say that sometimes, help comes from where you least expect it…which will certainly prove to be the case when Cyrus lends Laura a helping hand!

Anna and Valentine find themselves delving deeper into an unfolding mystery.

Victor, determined to find out who the real boss of the Cassadines is, warns Nicholas.

Public Hospital Spoilers for Thursday, December 29:

Ever since Liz discovered Esme was being held hostage by Nicholas, the scheme saw the nurse as a weak link. When Esme starts trying to play Elizabeth, will she find a way to piss her off?

Michael does not give up easily!

When Ava finally reveals what she’s really after, really, who will she spill the beans to?

Laura isn’t about to sit through her growing doubts.

Ready or not, the party of the year kicks off as Brit gets ready to celebrate her birthday in style!

Public Hospital Spoilers for Friday, December 30:

New Year’s Eve is sure to be a raucous one in Port Charles as Liz decides to share some information with Finn, Laura gives her son Nicholas a nudge, Brett’s party is one surprise scene after another, and Esme decides it’s time to take a big risk!

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Public Hospital Spoilers for the week of January 2:

Public Hospital Spoilers for Monday, January 2:

Even the ever-busy Port Charles residents need the occasional day off, and it looks like that’s what they’ll get today. No episode will be broadcast.

Public Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, January 3:

Carly and Drew make time to party. (Considering that their union can lead to major legal problems, I hope they are smart enough to have a private party instead of making a public spectacle of themselves!

Dante and Sam have a very strong relationship, but he’s never been completely honest with her… especially about his past with Cody. When Dante decides to share a little of himself, does that mean he might finally fill her in on this part of his past?

If there’s one person you can most likely trust, it’s the woman who helped you keep a pregnant lady locked in a tower. So it makes sense that Nicholas would trust Elizabeth. In other news from Cassadine, Spencer is about to discover something surprising.

Will Port Charles start the year with a drop in locals? This may be the case when the hook strikes again!

Public Hospital Spoilers for Wednesday, January 4:

Trina is a very intelligent young lady, so when she talks about her insecurities, it might be smart for those around her to listen.

Cameron had a very special relationship with the late Franco (who, even though he died in 2021, we still end up making 2022 best and worst list!). While the artist may be gone, his father, Scott, still shares a sweet bond with Cameron, as proven when catching up.

We might suggest that it is not a good idea for Laura, as sheriff, to spend time in the company of former mob queen Ava. Then again, half of the citizens have ties to organized crime, so this may be a voter base worth keeping an eye on.

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Elizabeth and Nicholas work together towards a common goal. Could the lie they told about her supposed pregnancy have the ironic effect of bringing the exes closer again?

Does the fact that Dante headed to the hospital to question a patient mean that the kidnap victim’s latest survivor of the attack?

Public Hospital Spoilers for Thursday, January 5:

Martin hasn’t had much to do lately, but he’ll keep busier thanks to a new client who needs his services.

Cody hasn’t made many friends since coming to town, so it might be wise to hear from a more popular resident. But will he take Felicia up on her proposal?

What did Elizabeth ask Kevin for a little help?

Heather’s actions can’t always be easily understood by those who see things through more rational eyes, but today she will make an effort to explain herself.

News of the tragedy spreads across Port Charles.

Public Hospital Spoilers for Friday, January 6:

Sonny has always had a soft spot in his heart for Spencer, but he certainly doesn’t feel love for the young man’s father. What prompted Sonny to put Nicholas on blast mode?

Willow receives the kind of connection that could prove so important moving forward.

Never letting others do her dirty work, Obrecht steps up and takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Carly is there when someone needs support.

What shocking news did Spencer receive?

And as the year draws to a close, take a look The best and worst series of 2022 In the photo gallery below.

– Richard Sims / Amy Mystrita

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