Galicia: Do you visit this beach often? There’s a little more to stop feeling like you know her

This is the most popular beach in Vigo and one of the most frequented beaches by the Portuguese, especially those from Upper Minho.

Countdown to the start One revolution It will change the entire region as we know it.

These are works of urban qualification The total investment is four million euros. The start-up is planned for the end of September.

But what happens?

According to the newspaper AtlanticOne of the interventions – 1.8 million euros – covers Reconstruction of the avenue leading from Praia da Fonte to the skating rink.

parallel, Sea surfing and dune recovery will also be reclassified. 2 million euros to be invested.

“More beach, more sidewalks and around 4 million euros to reclassify the first part of Avenida de Samil”Vigo Mayor Abel Caballero said.

Intervention area from next September

[Fonte: jornal Atlántico]

The avenue, according to the newspaper, will become a more pedestrian area. Width of footpaths will increase. New LED lights will be installed. Sanitation will be renovated and new signage and urban furniture will be installed.

More will be planted More pines.

Starting in September, This first phase of work is expected to last for nine monthsup to doors Next summer, however, Abel Caballero’s executive is planning additional interventions in the following months.

[Fotografia: Arquivo/El Español]

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