French parliament approves immigration law backed by far-right

The text was approved by 268 votes in favor from the “Macronist” bloc, the main right-wing party Les Républicains (LR) and the Rassemblement National (RN, far-right), and 186 votes from the essentially left-wing coalition Nova. União Ecológica and Social Popular (NUPES).

Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin expressed his satisfaction that the “Macronist” bloc, which had a large but not absolute majority, had retained its union, citing a “very large” majority.

The results of an agreement reached in a joint Assembly-Senate committee this Tuesday, in which there was a clear right-wing majority, toughens the initial plan and is similar to what was initially approved in the upper house. (Senate), with a conservative majority.

When the “conspiracy” occurred Far-right leader Marine Le Pen His RN party announced that it would support the speech and declared it “an ideological victory” and tried to win its approval.

Dormanin denounced the reports as a mere “political coup” as the RN finally bent on its policy of not accepting migrants from outside the European Union (EU).

The agreement disturbed the left wing of “Macronism” and the three ministers representing this trend (Health, Higher Education and Housing). He threatened to resign If the project is approved.

Macron called An emergency meeting at the Elysée With Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne and the leaders of the parties that make up her team and the leaders of the parliamentary committees in these bodies.

It was agreed not to withdraw the text reached at that meeting, but instead opened up the possibility of a second reading if the plan worked thanks to the far-right in the RN.

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After this meeting, Bourne went to the Assembly (the lower house of the French Parliament) to meet with representatives from the “Macronist” group. Voting disciplineAfter some key members of the group announced they would vote against it.

Agreed text Limit of ten thousand workers per annumBut it did not prevent the government’s intention Regularization of undocumented immigrants Those who work in sectors where workers are not available, such as construction or hotels.

Also, it has been extended to five years from the current six months Waiting period Legal immigrants from third countries can request asylum or family support.

oh The automatic right to work for asylum seekers is also revoked (Currently there is a waiting period of six months). Another aspect is that the conditions of access to work for foreign students are very strict.

In addition, the intention to create Annual settlement quotasThe Illegal residence offence On French soil, heavy fines were initially imposed, and Revocation of nationality For dual nationals who commit certain crimes.

On the other hand, minors are prohibited from entering administrative detention centers for undocumented immigrants and penalties are increased for immigrant smugglers.

It is “the most regressive text” in recent decades, several dozen non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working with migrants or protecting human rights lamented in a joint statement.

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