For € 3,000, more than 40,000 Syrian mercenaries have already agreed to fight alongside Russian forces in Ukraine – Observer

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Russia continues to try to win the unleashed war in Ukraine. Despite the difficulties It has been reported that. To this end, the Kremlin is looking for Syrian mercenaries with experience in urban warfare to capture Ukrainian cities, especially Kiev. As the Telegraph learned from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the United Kingdom, More than 40,000 Syrians have already agreed to fight alongside Russian forces.

What initially seemed like an easy war is causing problems for Vladimir Putin. According to the British system, the President of Russia “More troops needed” Than Allocated First for this war – about 170,000.

Russia is recruiting Syrian fighters with urban experience to help capture Kiev

Russia announced on Friday that Syrian troops could be a solution to the war victory and that 16,000 soldiers have already volunteered. One of the ways to recruit military personnel is through Facebook, Mainly in individual groups of the Syrian armed forces. Mercenaries heading to Ukraine have been promised Three thousand dollars (About 2,700 thousand euros) For six monthsSubstantial amount in a country where the average salary is 100 thousand Syrian pounds (about 27 euros per month).

Putin is “angry” at the evolution of the war, but he should not surrender at any time and double the number of troops in Ukraine

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The Mufti – one of Ukraine’s leading Islamic leaders – has appealed to Syrian troops to stop Syrian troops from entering Ukraine. “Vladimir Putin wants to hire you to bring you to Ukraine. Do not come here to kill us, do not sin. Muslims are a part of Ukraine,” Ismakilov said.

During the Syrian civil war, Russia supported the faction of current President Bashar al-Assad and sent arms and troops to the country. Since then, Syria has supported the KremlinIt is one of five countries that have not complied with a United Nations (UN) resolution condemning the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Two-thirds of the UN General Assembly did not approve of the Russian occupation of Ukraine. Zhelensky thanked those who were “on the right side of history.”

A Syrian soldier preparing for war in Ukraine told the Telegraph that he “needed to feed his family” and that “Russia fought in Syria”: “It is natural for him to go and help them. [os russos] Without revealing his identity, the person pointed out that he “does not want to know who is in Ukraine” – it is “important to fight with Russia”.

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