For Al Jaber, “there is no science” that proves the effectiveness of ending fossil fuels | COP28

“There is no science, no circumstance called progressive eradication Fossil fuels This would allow 1.5°C to be achieved [de aumento da temperatura média global].” This phrase may have been uttered by the so-called “deniers” in reference to the aggravation of human actions. Climate changeBut it was presented by the President of COP28, Sultan Al Jaber, a week before the start of the summit. Climate of the United Nations.

oh British newspaper Guardian And this Center for Climate Reporting Chairman of the Elders Committee and former UN Secretary-General on Climate Change. At an online event on the “She’s Changing the Climate” campaign, where she discussed it with Special Envoy Mary Robinson, Al Jaber responded poorly to questions raised by Irish.

Mary Robinson had said, “We are in an absolute crisis that harms women and children more than anyone else (…) and we still haven’t committed to getting rid of fossil fuels.” “This is the only decision that COP28 can make, and in many ways, he can do it more credibly because he is the managing director of state oil company Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC),” he added.

Al-Jaber’s reply came in an irritated tone: “I agreed to come to this meeting for a sensible and mature conversation. I am in no way participating in the warning debate. “There is no science, no scenario, that the progressive phase-out of fossil fuels will allow us to reach 1.5 degrees Celsius,” he said.

“I read that your company is investing in more fossil fuels in the future,” said the former UN chief on climate change. The Special Envoy challenged again. Al Jaber replied: “You read your own media, it is biased and wrong. I say I am in charge.

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“Please help me, unless you want to take the world back to the caves, show me a way to progressively phase out fossil fuels that allows for sustainable socioeconomic development,” said the CEO of the UAE state oil company. “I don’t believe they will help solve the climate problem by pointing fingers or contributing to the polarization and division that is already happening in the world. Show us the solutions. Stop pointing fingers. Stop,” said Sultan Al Jaber.

Faster and deeper reduction

The science is clear: Curbing greenhouse gas emissions now and quickly can slow the rise in temperature. Greenhouse effect (GEE). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that “rapid and deep reductions in emissions and, in most cases, immediate reductions” are needed across all sectors of activity. Although forests and agriculture can help reduce carbon emissions, greenhouse gases“Land cannot compensate for reductions in emissions deferred in other sectors” – that is, those still dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels, such as industry or transport.

Last week, the Center for Climate Reporting In a joint release with the BBC, the president of COP28 plans to use the summit talks to negotiate some new gas exploration deals. Al Jaber has already denied these allegations and responded that the COP28 leadership’s analysis of the documents was “false”.

However, following the revelation, Hilda Hein, a member of COP28’s key advisory body, resigned on Friday. The former president of the Marshall Islands, an archipelago vulnerable to climate change, Hilda Hein said in her resignation letter, Reuters reportedNews that the UAE plans to discuss natural gas and other trade deals ahead of UN climate talks is “deeply disappointing” and threatens to undermine the credibility of the multilateral negotiating process.

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Hilda Hein, the former president of the Marshall Islands, an archipelago vulnerable to climate change, has submitted her resignation letter, Reuters reported, saying the United Arab Emirates plans to discuss potential natural gas and other trade deals ahead of UN climate talks. “Deeply disappointed” and threatened to undermine the credibility of the multilateral negotiation process.

According to Hein, “these actions compromise the integrity of the COP leadership and the process as a whole”. The only way to restore confidence in the Sultan al-Jaber process is to “provide a decision that demonstrates his commitment to phase out fossil fuels,” Hein wrote in his letter to the COP president.

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