Fifty years later, a woman like her grandmother died

There are stories that seem coincidental to be true. Even more so when it comes to real tragedy like this. Two deaths were split in half a century: one in 1971 and 2022. The reason And the location was the same: It is raining heavily in the Brazilian city of Petropolis.

On the morning of November 25, 1971, heavy rain caused a landslide on Rua Bernardo de Vasconcelos in the vicinity of Cascadinha and struck his house. Cecilia eller de LimaAt age 55, he died at the scene Geography. In honor of her, her granddaughter will have the same name: Cecilia Lima Fioris. However, this Tuesday, February 15th, he, like his grandmother, became one of the dozens affected by the great season that struck the city. He is 40 years old.

Last contact with family At 5:58 pm, she exchanged a message with her ex-husband, who had worked for less than a month at a dental clinic in the region and asked him what was going on with Cecilia. One of the most affected by the explosion. After a while, family members were unable to speak to Cecilia, and it did not take long for the news to come that the hospital had collapsed. According to clinic staff who escaped in time, Cecilia did not survive because she had gone upstairs to have breakfast on the second floor.

Ex-husband, Alessandro de Arojo Tudra, The couple even thought about moving to another city, but the couple’s son is now 6 years old, leaving the plan in the drawer. However, fears of storms continued for Cecilia and her mother, who will turn 72 next week. Alessandro was the first to arrive at the scene. “When I arrived, I knelt down and asked God, I cried a lot. The family called and I replied that the only thing left to do was to pray for a miracle because the scene was horrible. Unfortunately, it did not work.Said in the newspaper Extra.

“I’m lost the love of my life. It’s been two years since we broke up, but we’ve still married on paper. We had a good relationship. We went out together. We walked in with our boyfriend. I do not know how to move forward.”He added.

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