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A video is circulating on social media with images of Ukrainian troops firing on a Russian military convoy in Ukraine, citing the ongoing war in the country.

About a minute was recorded as a tank opened fire on a convoy of vehicles loyal to Vladimir Putin. Then you will see fire and lots of smoke. The publication under review also suggests that the weapon used by the Facebook user was sent by the US. “See what a Ukrainian truck did to a Russian convoy. It appears to be a weapon sent from the US to the Ukrainians,” it read.

In this case, the video is spreading on social media Don’t show A real situation. First, there is no news in the relevant media about an attack by a Ukrainian car against a convoy of Russian military vehicles like the one in the pictures. Also, no similar video can be found on internet search engines..

Second, the authorship of the video Already requested By Ukrainian visual effects artist. On June 30, Pavel Osatsi posted the following on his personal Facebook account Clarification: “Unfortunately, my unfinished video (…) was published online prematurely. Originally, the idea was to raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the video posted.

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The next day, the same Ukrainian artist He wrote A new one MailAlthough the video was posted online incompletely, he said he was happy with the response to the images (which have since been shared hundreds of times).

Pavel Osadchiy also appealed: “Once I finish editing the video, you can tag me as the author on Facebook and Instagram., Wherever they watch my video”. He said he would “release the final video” in a few days to help the Ukrainian army on the front lines of the war against Russia.

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The claim that A video of a Ukrainian military vehicle attacking a convoy carrying Russian troops in Ukraine has gone viral on social media. There are no public records or reports of a similar attack. Additionally, the author of the video (created using visual and animation effects) Its author has accepted the copyright.

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