Emma Stone wore her wedding dress to the Met Gala

Photo: Theo Wargo/WireImage

The official theme of 2022 Dead Gala It may have been “Amazing Glamor”, but it may also have been reduced, reused, and reused. Stars of all kinds wore repurposed gowns or new creations made from recycled materials. But Emma Stone Just wear it straight A dress from her wedding. as I did never He said, if it’s good enough for your wedding day, it’s good enough for the red carpet at the Met.

Wedding dresses tend to be one type of formal wear, but not for Stone, who broke out her custom Louis Vuitton wedding dress (she wore a different gown for the actual ceremony) at the Met Gala on May 2. The short dress, which features a feathered hem and lace straps, was “tailor-made for her after-party wedding,” according to the official. louis vuitton instagram page. Stone married writer and director Dave McCurry in 2020, and so far, her wedding looks have been kept under wraps. Maybe she can flaunt her wedding dress at the upcoming Met Gala?

Stone’s dress, which certainly gave off flapper-era vibes, might not have been a theme (the golden age ended before the 1920s), but it was in sync with the entire Vuitton lineup. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière wore a handful of stars to the event, all wearing “an archival look or a retro look with a twist,” according to the event. Vuitton Instagram. Others who wore recycled looks from the fashion house included Gemma Chan, Phoebe Denivore, Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, and Cynthia Erivo. The brand’s Instagram page described the option as a “commitment to circular creativity.”

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The Met Gala theme has been demanding extravagance, but many have opted for more sustainable and planet-friendly options. Camila Cabello Prabal Gurung look, for example, is reported to have been recycled and sustainable, as it were Billie Eilish dress by Gucci. As cool as those looks were, I’d say it’s time to normalize recurring outfits like Stone. I ask you, Hollywood, what is more sustainable than wearing an item of clothing more than once? twice? three times ?!

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