Emile’s demise “We’re dealing with someone Machiavellian.”

Um month and a day. Two-and-a-half-year-old Emile went missing in the town of Haut-Vernet in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France.

The mayor of Haut-Vernet, François Balique, considers the abduction theory more plausible, given that the child was present “Necessarily withdrawn by one”, who is “mad” or “Machiavellian”..

“The feeling is anger. When we see Emile missing in the city, it means that he has necessarily been removed. It cannot be otherwise. It can only be moved by adults – one or more. Either we are dealing with a madman, or we are dealing with someone Machiavellian“, he said in reports to CNews.

More than a month after the minor’s disappearance, prosecutor Remy Avon revealed that “after a careful search of 97 hectares of fields, forests or steep terrain” there was still no trace of the child.

Faced with such remarkable efforts and paltry results, the mayor did not hide his “feeling of anger” but now left the case in the hands of justice.

“Fortunately, justice is being done. I have done everything to ensure that the investigations are successful, that justice now finds the reason for his disappearance and that those who committed these facts are punished,” Balik concluded.

Remember all about Emil’s missing case, Here.

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