During the trip, Putin’s bodyguard took the Russian president’s stool back to Russia

The Russian president’s security team is also responsible for collecting and storing 69 – year – old Vladimir Putin’s stool while he is out of the country.

According to an article by two journalists who specialize in Russian affairs and published in the Paris Match magazine, Putin’s feces are collected by security guards and stored in a special container, which is then transported to Russia in a suitcase.

The purpose of the procedure, which is being carried out by elements of the Federal Security Service, is to prevent foreign powers from accessing information about the Russian president’s health through DNA analysis of his feces.

Putin’s extraordinary practice has already been mentioned in the international press, but now it has found another relevance, taking into account current speculation about the Russian president’s health, according to several reports quoted in the international press. With severe cancer. Not much time.

One of the FSB members said Putin could not “last more than two or three years”.

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