Corcuja, an aromatic plant with health benefits 'give and sell'

A Carguja, also known as Genista tridentata (L.), is a species of the legume family, native to the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It is an aromatic plant of great importance in Portuguese gastronomy.

Its leaves can be used in cooking, as a seasoning to season some traditional Portuguese dishes. Also, its fresh or dried flowers are used in folk medicine, infusions or decoctions, so it is considered a medicinal plant.

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Carkeja has many properties, which include:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Helps regulate the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems;
  • Contributes to lowering blood pressure;
  • Regulates cholesterol;
  • Regulates blood glucose;
  • It also helps control headaches;
  • It is used in weight loss procedures, among others to reduce fluid retention.

The extract of this plant is rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds that have important pharmacological activities for our body.

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Corcuja is also seen as a new source of antioxidants and natural preservatives for the food industry, resulting in the production of nutraceuticals with health benefits as a type of food supplement.

It is important to note that the use of this plant should always be guided by a health professional, as it can cause unwanted side effects when consumed in an unbalanced way, and is contraindicated in some cases, especially for children or pregnant women.

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