Conservative and anti-abortion: Profile of Roberta Metzola, 3rd female Speaker of the European Parliament in 70 years

She is a woman of Erasmus descent from Malta, a small island nation in southern Europe – Roberto Metzola fills multiple quotas in a single session. She portrays herself as “a woman from the Mediterranean” and “the eldest of Rita and Jeffrey’s three children”, as can be seen in the autobiography available on the European People’s Party website on which she depends. He is 43 years old, has been MEP since 2013 and was re-elected in 2014 and 2019. Until now, he has led Nationalist Party representatives on the European People’s Party committee.

The youngest speaker of the European Parliament – Robert Schumann, who was first elected to the post in March 1958 at the age of 65 – holds a law degree, a master’s degree and a master’s degree from the European College in Brooks. Party leader.Nationalist (PN) within the European People’s Party. Metzola is the third woman to be elected chair of this Democratic House. Before him, the Frenchman Simone Weil and Nicole Fontaine were elected by their colleagues in 1979 and 1999, respectively. Combining these two circumstances with the fact that I come from a small island nation in southern Europe, the new face of European democracy almost resembles the image of political correctness.

Bookings about the leadership of this right-wing Conservative will come (of course) from all supporters of legalizing abortion, and they will not forget the position taken by Metzola when voting on the Tarabella statement. Recall that in March 2015, the European Parliament voted on a report on gender equality in the EU and the right to legal abortion. The acknowledgment was the subject of a statement from the MEPs of the Nationalist Party (PN) Roberta Metsola, David Casa and Terse Comodini Cachia, who said: “We support gender equality and are committed to achieving this goal. However, we are committed to the cause of gender equality. It is unfortunate that there are unacceptable references to abortion in the analytical report, which PN has always argued is an issue that should be the exclusive prerogative of member states, in which the EU cannot and should not be involved.

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Faced with dichotomy in favor of gender equality and European law legalizing abortion, these three MEPs from the Nationalist Party – including the newly elected Speaker of the European Parliament – decided to vote against. Full Tarabella Report, Although in favor of the amendments “it needs more [e melhor] Gender Equality “.

Secure center-right “property”

Considered a “safe” asset, As the “politician” writes, Its “Rise [e eleição] It was driven by the strong support of a large center-right and conservative group in parliament and many centrists.

Theory Monas / Getty Images

At a time of great conflict between the Conservative constituency and other parliamentary committees, a new president has been elected to lead the European House of Representatives for two and a half years.

Among the biggest challenges facing the Metzola legislative level are fundamental issues such as reducing carbon emissions and digitizing the economy. The play of immigrants at the EU doorstep will also be on the agenda, and as a Maltese, Metzola knows it better than some of his peers.

Aware of the coming times, he told reporters last November: “The next two and a half years will be very important for the European Parliament as we emerge from a catastrophic epidemic.”

The Maltese newspaper initially paid tribute to the woman who had been the Vice President of the European Parliament (EP) since November 2020, and who had been elected interim chair of the EP following the death of her predecessor, David Sosoli. In his post-election speech highlighting the election in the first round, 74% of the votes cast by the Strasbourg Chamber – 74 were either empty or zero.

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“El País” recalls that its election has been confirmed since Monday, “In the afternoon it was confirmed that the European People’s Party, the Socialists and the Liberals of Renew had renewed the agreement reached for the Legislature. [eleita em 2019]Guarantees a regular rotation of the presidency of the European Parliament in the middle. ”

Also, this Monday, Polish Kozma Slovdovsky from the European Reform Commission [a que pertence o partido espanhol Vox] Withdrew her candidacy for the leadership of the EP, paving the way for three female candidates: Robert Metzola of the EPP’s Maltese, Sira Rego of the United Left, and Alice Cunge of the Greens. The representative of the party with the most parliamentary support won.

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