“Complication” of Emile’s disappearance leads to judicial inquiry – Observer

The prosecutor of the Digne-les-Bains region has launched a judicial investigation to investigate the reasons for Emile’s disappearance ten days ago, while he was at his grandparents’ home in Vernet, Alpes de Haute Provence, France.

“Complexity of the case”, step Notice BFMTV cited the justification for the decision, which was made on Tuesday, after more than a week of the child’s whereabouts being unknown. The decision reverses the decision initially announced that it was not appropriate to initiate a trial, the lawyer said.

Although the area’s mayor initially dismissed the possibility of abduction, authorities continued to investigate various theories about the child’s disappearance – which later resurfaced. More than a chance, François Balique, the mayor of the French village, even said his “only hope” was to “survive”. “The only thing you can believe is that it’s terrible,” he admitted to French newspaper Le Picaro.

“Our only hope now is that he is taken and alive. It’s the last thing you can hope for and it’s already terrible”, Francois Polik, mayor of the French village for 47 years, admitted to the French newspaper Le Picaro.

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Last Thursday, July 13, five days after the child went missing, the search for Emile came to an end after authorities “thoroughly” canvassed the area around the grandparents’ home. Access to the village, closed for research reasons, will now be due to “sick tourism”.

The circumstances of the disappearance have also changed: the first versions said the child was alone with the grandparents, when they realized she was no longer in the garden where she was playing, and they were said to be preparing the car to leave the house; A few days later, French channel BFMTV revealed that a family gathering had taken place, attended by several people, including children.

After all, Emil would not have been alone with his grandparents when he disappeared. The Attorney General’s Office is now warning about fraudulent fundraising

Emil was reported missing on Saturday, July 8. He has brown eyes, blond hair and is 90 centimeters tall, wearing a yellow T-shirt, green shorts and hiking boots when he disappeared in the village of Vernet, home to 125 people.

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