US Treasury Secretary Eats Hallucinogenic Mushrooms During Embassy Visit Demand for food soars in China – The Observer

Janet Yellen loves mushrooms. So, when the US Treasury Secretary arrived in China for a four-day diplomatic visit, one of the dishes he tasted at Yi Zhuo Yi Wang Restaurant was wild mushrooms. Harvested in a province in southwest China, this particular one turns out to have hallucinogenic properties if not properly cooked. Yellen’s team table was followed by not one, but four dishes of Jian Shou Qing Mushrooms. Turns blue when rolled or cut with a knife during cooking.

Yellen visited Beijing to strengthen US-China relations

The North American gastronomic selection, and the restaurant’s choice of typical dishes from the Yunnan region, surprised the Chinese. And so much more He shared pictures of the moment, A visit to that restaurant went viral. As a result, in the following days, there was a rush to the restaurant and orders for mushrooms increased.

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Both the Chinese restaurant and Yellen’s office confirmed their visit to Yi Zhuo Yi Wang. The Treasury Secretary’s first meal after arriving in Beijing.

The food was also confirmed to contain wild mushrooms, but the restaurant was contacted cnn, He assured them they were well cooked and therefore free of psychedelic properties. However, an incident occurred during the visit Dailymail, A British tabloid related two events.

Two days after Yi Zuo visited Yi Wang, Janet Yellen met with the Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China. On entering the room, he extended his hand to greet the Chinese ruler, Yellen took several short bows in a row, a breach of protocol.

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A British newspaper suggested Cafe It was because he had consumed mushrooms two days before. In the US, the Treasury Secretary was heavily criticized for breaking protocol.

On the Chinese social network Weibo, there were many comments about Yellen’s choice Posted by the blogger Pictures of his meeting with the North American.

According to the netizen, who looked at the table curious to know what the ruler’s choice would be, grilled fish with herbs, meat bun with mint, cold rice noodles, fries, fries with sauerkraut and fried liver. Beef. And, of course, mushrooms.

Janet Yellen was in Beijing with the aim of improving trade relations between the two countries.. Yellen’s first visit to China comes weeks after a diplomatic visit by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

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