Chile has “Chernobyl” – and the latest incident has caused more than 100 poisons – News

In a statement, Chile’s Environmental Surveillance (SMA) said this Wednesday that “a new chapter affecting the health of the community in the area, with a record 105 people being treated at Hospital de Quintero”, as well as primary care units from Quintero and Puchunka.

On Monday, 75 people, including at least 50 students, were recorded at the Quintero air standard with a high concentration of 1,327 ug / m3 of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is five times higher than the norm.

The two coastal cities of Quintero and Puchuncavi, with a population of about 50,000, are considered “ecological sacrifice zones.” Coal and oil and copper refineries.

Quintero’s public ministry launched an investigation following a complaint alleging large – scale drug abuse by adults and children. “An investigation order has been sent to Bidema (Brigade for Investigation of Crimes against Public Health and the Environment) and the report has a 30-day deadline,” said Luis Ventura, attorney general for Quintero.

Local authorities have declared an environmental emergency in the region, suspended classes and banned the use of physical activity and heat sources.

According to medical reports, patients experienced headaches and itching of the eyes and throat and nausea.

Greenpeace, an environmental organization, described the area as “Chile Chernobyl”. Headache, nausea and paralysis of the joints, as well as skin lesions in children.

Environmental Superintendent Emanuel Ibarra on Wednesday ordered the six companies operating in the region’s industrial park to take steps to “control their production activity without harming basic supplies.”

“The new measures we are ordering today are episodes of intoxication based on verification of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the industrial belt of Quintero and Puchunkavi,” he explained.

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Affected companies include the Cosmer Quintero plant, the Enax asphalt and fuel terminal, the Chilean major fuel company Kobe’s Quintero maritime terminal, the Embresa National de Petrolio maritime terminal (ENAP), the Quintero LNG and the Marine Corps. Maritime terminal.

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