Captain of Russian submarine that struck Ukraine’s Vinnytsia shot dead during morning run – Observer

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Stanislav Rzhitskiy was doing his usual morning run, which he always recorded on the Strava fitness app, near a sports complex when he was surprised by an unknown person and killed by four shots in the back. Thus, the captain of Russian submarines became one of the many mysterious deaths that occurred in Russia since the beginning of the war.

According to Ukrainian media, on July 14 last year, the Rishytsky, commanding a submarine in the Black Sea, fired five Russian Kalibr missiles against the city of Vinnytsia in western Ukraine. The city was attacked several times, with the largest attack killing 28 people.

Telegraph channel BajaHis close ties to the Russian security services and his habit of listing routes on his resume no doubt made Rishitsky an easy target for his killers.

“The killer can follow his path”, he explained on the Basa channel, reinforcing himself: “Owing in large part to that gesture, it would not have been difficult to choose a convenient place for his revenge.” The use of the word revenge suggests that Russian officials believe the killings were by Ukrainian forces or supporters in response to the attack on Vinnytsia.

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