Calendar 2024: Bridges, long weekends and holidays

The first week of 2024 starts off on the right foot with a holiday on Monday 1st January. In the last month of the year, the 25th comes with an extra gift: Christmas Wednesday is celebrated in the middle of the week, before the day of tolerance usually offered at Christmas.

There is no need to wait until the end of February for the Carnival Tuesday holiday, when it is decreed by the government to take place on the 13th, Easter gives us a long weekend, the first day of the year: it marks the last day of March 31st expected by the Good Friday holiday on the 29th.

The 50th anniversary will be celebrated on Thursday, April 25. Labor Day, May 1, falls on the first Wednesday of the month.

The month of popular saints brings another long weekend: June 10, the Day of Portugal, Camos and Portuguese Communities, is celebrated on a Monday. Residents of Lisbon and other municipalities can mark June 13 on their calendars for the Thursday of St. Anthony’s Day.

We have no breaks in July and September. The religious holiday of August 15, which marks the Assumption of the Mother, falls on a Thursday and offers a new bridge, with Friday as an additional day of rest.

In total, there are 13 mandatory holidays and one optional one (Carnival Day). Saturday 5th October is the only holiday. There are three Sundays: March 31 (Easter), December 1 (Liberty Restoration) and December 8 (Immaculate Conception Day).

Here is the list of holidays and their respective holidays:

  • January, 1Monday is the first day of the coming year.
  • Festival Tuesday, day February 13And if mandated by the government, municipalities and companies, the previous Monday bridge is possible.
  • March 29It refers to Good Friday, followed by Easter, Sunday March 31. So there is an opportunity to rest for three consecutive days.
  • oh April 25The 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution is being celebrated on Thursday.
  • 1 MayLabor Day falls on a Wednesday, perfect for a mid-week stopover.
  • May 30Day of Corpus Christi, which falls on Thursday and opens the door to a long weekend.
  • oh June 10Camões and Portuguese Communities Day, falls on a Monday.
  • Lisbon’s municipal holiday of St. Anthony’s Day, June 13, which is scheduled for Thursday, with a bridge possible on Friday. on the day June 24 Saint John’s Day is celebrated in cities such as Porto, Prague and Tavira. oh June 29St. Peter’s Day, for example, is celebrated in the city of Évora.
  • August 15Mother’s Assumption Day, and the only public holiday in August, is celebrated on a Thursday with a bridge possibility.
  • October 5th (Republic Day) weekend, falls on a Saturday.
  • November 1 It was a Friday. In this case, All Saints Day is a long weekend and three consecutive days of rest, including the possibility of a bridge.
  • December 1 (Freedom Restoration) and On the 8th of December (Day of the Immaculate Conception) Sunday.
  • December 25 It is celebrated on the Wednesday of Christmas and midweek.

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