If Russia targets NATO territory, the Federation will respond “with full force” – Observer

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If Russia launches any attack or bombing on NATO territory – for example in Poland – NATO will retaliate “with all its might”.

Jake Sullivan, the White House’s national security adviser, issued the warning following a recent Russian attack on a military base in Ukraine, but about 25 kilometers from the Polish border (part of NATO’s part of the world). )

In a statement released this Sunday In an interview with the CBS news program “Face the Nation”Jake Sullivan recalled: “The president is very clear and has repeatedly stated that the United States will work with allies to protect every inch of NATO. It represents every inch of that territory.

If there is a military attack in the NATO region, it will lead to the 5th Division and we will call in the entire force of the NATO alliance to respond.

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Section 5, as called for by Jack Sullivan, acknowledges that the NATO-producing nations will consider an “armed attack” on one or more of these NATO countries “offensive against all” and “accordingly”. If such an armed attack occurs, I agree that each of them (…) will support the party or parties that have been attacked.

NATO includes 30 countries: In addition to the United States and Poland, countries close to Ukraine include Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia and distant countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

When asked what the answer would be if there was an “irregular and accidental Russian shooting or attack on NATO territory”, Jack Sullivan replied: “Look, what I’m going to say is that if NATO fires at NATO territory, the NATO alliance will respond.”

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