Angola with good growth prospects for five years

Forecasts: The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts that the economy will continue to depend on oil, but the general picture is positive, which sees Jono Lorenzo trying to change the restart law in 2027.

To regain lost popularity we need to eliminate corruption and improve living standards. These are the priorities for that African country, under the responsibility of the Economic Intelligence Unit, in the understanding of ‘Forecast Angola’. At the core of these priorities is a new understanding between the priorities of the state and the position of the private sector on the one hand, economic diversification, and on the other. This diversification, while not new, is in an environment where international audiences have not had the developments expected.

Economist Intelligence, the analysis arm of “The Economist” publication, predicts that Jono Lorenzo and ‘his’ MPLA will “retain power” in 2024-28, “giving strong control over the state apparatus”. We hope that João Lourenço will run for a third term (over the two-term limit in the Constitution) and win the 2027 elections, but this election is unlikely to be free or fair”.

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