Bomb attacks, fire and more. European secrets on high alert with possible interference from Russia

In Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic or Estonia there are strange cases that may outweigh the consequences. That is why NATO has issued a warning

It is growing slowly, but the tension between Europe and Russia is increasingly felt. Many intelligence agencies on the old continent are warning countries of the possibility of continued acts of violence by Moscow, which continues to try to create a permanent conflict with the West, undermining support for Ukraine.

According to the newspaper Financial TimesRussia is preparing for a range of violent acts, from computer sabotage to bomb attacks, citing confidential sources from three European countries.

The British newspaper describes that among the possibilities presented by the secrets, there are bomb attacks and arson attacks, with European infrastructure being some of the main targets.

These attacks, according to the Secretaries, could be carried out directly or through agents from Russia, which has a strong network of influence in Europe, especially in the Baltic countries, near its borders, in Germany or in Germany. United Kingdom.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, officials insist that none of these attacks are intended to kill civilians, but damage infrastructure.

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In a more or less official way, some of these concerns have already been made public: “We assess the risk of acts of government sabotage. [russo] has increased significantly”, said Thomas Haltenwang, director of German secrets, at a conference organized by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

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The words came two days after two German and a Russian citizen were detained in Bavaria, Beirut, on suspicion of planning attacks against military and logistics bases in Germany at the behest of Russia.

In parallel, two men were charged by UK courts in April with setting fire to a warehouse containing goods destined for Ukraine. The British judiciary believes the two were working at the behest of the Russian government.

It’s not just these two cases: there are ongoing investigations in Sweden, the Czech Republic or Estonia, many of them for interfering with transport systems.

All of these countries are members of NATO, which may have prompted the Atlantic alliance to issue a statement expressing grave concern about the development of what it described as an “intensifying campaign in the Euro-zone”. Atlantic region”.

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