Amid “Controversies” and “Failures”, Montenegro’s Peace: “It’s an Advantage”

oh The former leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Luis Marques Mendes, this Sunday, spoke about the first month of the Democratic Alliance (AD) government, which took office on April 2, and in particular, the ‘green light’ of the Parliament. A dispute with former SCUT or Defense Minister Nuno Melo over the idea of ​​compulsory military service for young people who have committed minor crimes calls for the abolition of tolls.

“I don’t think it’s right for Nuno Melo to talk about this idea – now that he’s a minister, he doesn’t express academic views – but I don’t think that’s enough reason to crucify him in the public square”In his opinion piece on SIC Notícias, he referred to the rationale offered by Melo, saying it was an academic hypothesis.

“It’s not a proposal, it’s not going to be an action”, he recalled, arguing that the idea in question was not a good one. But the Social Democrat and AD Pointing the finger at the government, there was “no great coordination within the government because the home administration minister came to say that it was all a proposal. After all, the government was not even a proposal.

But Márquez Mendes went further and considered that the “most important” thing was not the episode, but what it represented. “Nuno Melo is a great parliamentarian and a great politician. And I don’t think he’s yet wearing the leather, the suit, the role he’s playing now as defense minister. I think. He’s still like that politics and parliamentary logic. [Ser] A defense minister is a very different thing. He hasn’t worn this outfit yet and I think he should soon. What it means is to change behavior and discourse”, he explained, arguing that these controversies – exaggerated or not – did not help the armed forces or what was “essentially, devaluing”.According to him the department is discredited by political power.

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“It is necessary to change this path. Especially after the war in Ukraine, safety and security issues have received increased protection. And they will be even more effective in the future. If Donald Trump wins the election in the United States? He also hates Europe. Europe is a pillar of NATO, therefore, Europeans pay more attention to these issues. must pay,” he pointed out, advising Nuno Melo to listen to military leaders.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security today unanimously accepted two requests by SEGA and IL for an urgent inquiry by the Defense Minister into compulsory military service as an alternative punishment for minor crimes.

Lusa | 16:50 – 02/05/2024

In the face of Prime Minister Luis Montenegro’s ‘silence’, Marquez Mendes thinks it may be an embarrassing sign that he is saying little. “And, these days, I think it’s a positive. A benefit,” he declared, though he remained “resolute” as he spoke. “How well he did in the visits. How well he did in detonating the very serious bomb that was the reparations issue of the former colonies. He defused that well. Whether in the political sphere or in speech, [Montenegro] He has done a great job wearing the Prime Minister’s suit.”However, he recalled the communication failures in the administration.

“Most ministers are failing in terms of communication. In any government, communication is essential. In a minority government it is not essential, it is decisive”He said, highlighting ‘failures’ – “excessive”, as in Nuno Melo, or default, for example, in the case of Finance Minister Joachim Miranda Sarmento, in relation to the deficit. “He may be right, but the way things are put together – it’s his word against Fernando Medina’s. You get the feeling it’s a political fight.”, however, he noted that the current person in charge of the finance portfolio, who received a swift response from his predecessors, was “very efficient”. “I think he should focus more on his role as finance minister and leave the political fighting to others,” he said.

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The commenter opined that the Administrator acted “little” based on the results, as two decisions were made in one month—one was the decision to expedite the use of the IRS and one was the PRR. “Two decisions in 30 days is short. There is more to do. I would like in these 30 days – and the country too – if, for example, the location of the new airport has already been announced. It will give. A sign of courage and decision-making ability”However, he highlights that one month is sufficient only for “signals” and not for an administrator’s assessment.

What about “signals from the other side”?

Marquez Mendes also pointed out that “on the other side”, there are negative signs from the opposition. “Negative coalitions are returning, as happened in the history of customs. This is how democracy works, but here I think it works less”, he assessed.

Recalling the ‘green light’ given by the Republican Assembly to the PS proposal, only ‘light’ by Sega’s vote, Márquez Mendes considered the complete removal of the tolls in question “a disaster”. “People need to know that these are revenues from the state, not from concessionaires. The government will lose millions in revenue, which means the government will have less funds to maintain and maintain those highways,” he warned.

“We are still going to have a situation like that in Spain where tolls were abolished a few years ago and there is great controversy because the government does not have the capacity to maintain and protect its existence”, he said.

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Calling it a “first serious problem”, Márquez Mendes also reinforced some of his criticisms of the socialists. “It is difficult to understand that the Socialist Party was in government for eight years and was always against the abolition of these tolls. Now it is in opposition and is already in favor and taking the initiative”, criticized. Luis Marquez, who was one of the ‘flags’ of Pedro Nuno Santos, who was elected Socialist General Secretary in December, faced this decision. “There is a change of leadership. I’m not saying it doesn’t have legitimacy. But it’s difficult for most people to understand,” he said.

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