Body shows bodies on the streets of Pucha 11 days before the Russians leave the city Satellite images – War in Ukraine

Satellite images Maxar Technologies The bodies were found on March 19 on Yaplonska Street in Pucha. The Ukrainian city was occupied by Russian forces until March 30.

When Ukrainian troops and international journalists entered Pucha, they found dozens of bodies on the streets after Ukrainian was able to expel the Russians. The bodies showed signs of mistreatment, hands were tied behind their backs and there were signs that people had been shot.

Satellite images also show, step The New York Times, The streets were emptied in February, and on March 11, bodies were scattered. According to the newspaper, there is evidence that the victims were on those streets for three weeks during the Russian occupation.

In Pucha, a mass grave with dozens of dead civilians was found near a church.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the assassination a “forum” and the report said all photos shared were “false versions of events” in Ukraine and the West. Reuters. Russia’s envoy to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, said he would present evidence to the Security Council that the Russians were not responsible for the attacks on civilians.

Pictures of CMTV’s Special Envoy Alfredo Light, Show the reality on these streets.

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