Biden’s speech today: President wants Russia removed from G-20, hopes to visit refugees in Poland

Joe Biden talks about ‘New World Order’ in Business Roundtable headline

President Joe Biden wants Russia removed from the G-20, but stressed that was the organization’s decision adding that the alternative would be Ukraine’s presence as an observer.

Biden was speaking at a news conference at NATO headquarters following meetings with leaders of both the alliance and the Group of Seven on an unusual day of summits in Brussels over the invasion of Ukraine.

The president also said he warned China not to help Russia or risk its economy; There will be an appropriate response to the use of chemical weapons; And that he is likely to visit refugees at the Polish border tomorrow.

Biden is now meeting with the European Council on a day focused on allied unity.

Thursday’s meetings will coordinate with NATO allies on military aid to Ukraine, new sanctions on Russia, and strengthening defenses in Eastern Europe. The United States also formally accused Russian forces of committing war crimes in Ukraine.

The United States also announced that it would accept 100,000 refugees displaced by the Russian invasion – one of the largest refugee receptions in the country in years.

At home, the latest polls show that a majority of Americans want the president to take a tougher stance on Russia, while his popularity has remained unchanged since the start of the conflict in Europe.


Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 21:00


FBI publishes geo-targeted ads to recruit disaffected Russians

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBIHe is trying to recruit disaffected Russians to the president Russian President Vladimir PutinInvade Ukraine Through targeted social media ads in Washington, DC.

a Washington Post Transfer Posted Wednesday said that geographically targeted ads appeared on FacebookAnd the google And Twitter is right outside the embassy but not when one stands at a certain distance.

Sravasti Dasgupta reports.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 20:40


Defense Sec talking to her Ukrainian counterpart

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Twitter that he spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksiy Reznikov, to reiterate the United States’ unwavering support.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 20:25


Canada to boost oil exports

Canada announced Thursday that it will boost oil exports by about five percent to help address supply shortages in the West.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 20:10


Americans want Biden to be tougher on Russia as approval ratings remain stagnant, according to a new poll.

Most Americans want Joe Biden To take a tougher stance when responding RussiaInvade Ukraine According to a new survey conducted by News agency and NORC Public Affairs Research.

The results released on Thursday showed that 56 percent of respondents believed that the president’s response to that Russian President Vladimir PutinUkraine’s attack wasn’t tough enough, with only 36 percent believing it was right, and six percent saying it was too harsh.


There is no alternative to face-to-face diplomacy

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith tweeted: “There is no alternative to face-to-face diplomacy and NATO allies are determined to hold Putin accountable as we continue to assist Ukraine and strengthen our deterrence and defense.”

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 19:45


Biden met the Italian prime minister

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 19:29


Judge Breyer says Clarence Thomas is fine after hospitalization

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said his colleague Clarence Thomas is in “fine” condition after conservative justice was admitted to hospital with an injury.

“I think he’s fine” Mr. Breyer Tell TMZ In a short meeting on Wednesday in Washington, DC.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 19:15


Texas Attorney General Declares Pride Week ‘Illegal’

as Pride Week starts at one Texas School, the state attorney general declared the whole event illegal.

In a stern letter to Austin Independent neighborhood school – which is too Posted on Twitter – Attorney General Ken Paxton Said celebration for a week of LGBTQ Students are violating state laws against teaching “human sexuality” without parental permission.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 18:45


US military commanders tried to contact their Russian counterparts, but the calls were not answered

US military commanders tried to contact their Russian counterparts, but the calls were not answered

Lines of communication between top US Defense Department officials and their Russian counterparts have disappeared since Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine last month, putting the world’s two nuclear superpowers at risk of mischaracterizing each other’s special forces movements and drilling with potentially dire consequences.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 24, 2022 18:20

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