Biden secures South Carolina primary victory and support | US Elections 2024

Joe Biden was declared the winner of the South Carolina Democratic primary on Sunday morning.

In a race with just three candidates, Congressman Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson were far from upsetting Biden's support.

The final results will be known in the next few months, and the US president will have an even clearer result than the first poll in New Hampshire on January 23 (64%).

Votes in New Hampshire are not counted in allocating delegates to candidates because the state's Democratic Party has decided not to attend the party's national convention next summer, where the winner of the primary will be confirmed as the nominee. The White House in the general election.

In 2023, Biden and the Democratic Party decided that the 2024 primary calendar would begin in South Carolina rather than New Hampshire because of greater demographic diversity. According to Democrats, South Carolina, which is about 30% black, is more representative of the United States than New Hampshire, where more than 90% of the population is white.

Due to disagreements between the National Democratic Party and the party's New Hampshire delegation, Biden did not appear on the Jan. 23 ballot. Nevertheless, his supporters called on voters to write the name of the President of the United States on the ballot, and in the space set aside for that purpose, Biden received 55,000 more votes than Phillips and 75,000 more than Williamson.

The exchange is explained by the fact that South Carolina's 2020 primaries marked the beginning of a turnaround in Biden's campaign. With a decisive turnout from the state's black electorate, the current president of the United States exited the nomination after losing Iowa and New Hampshire votes.

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Despite Biden's low popularity ratings in the country, and the lack of enthusiasm in polls regarding the economic recovery that began during his tenure, it is unlikely that the US president will miss out on being nominated for a second run for the White House. He will face Donald Trump on a repeat of what happened in 2020.

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