Belarus receives air defense systems and missiles from Russia – Observer

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced on Thursday that Belarus had purchased S-400 air defense systems and Iskander missiles from Russia, who was Moscow’s key ally in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We have reached an agreement [o Presidente russo Vladimir] Putin ”Lukashenko was quoted as saying by his press office that he had published a statement on the social network Telegram.

Minsk has been the base behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is a border country, and a target for Western sanctions.

The Belarusian leader said he had purchased the “required” amount of the weapon without further details.

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“With these weapons, we are already a completely different army,” Lukashenko assured, insisting that the weapons were purchased. “Capable of causing great damage”.

In early May, Alexander Lukashenko, 67, was accused by Westerners of running Belarus dictatorially since 1994, accusing the West of being “obsessed” with Nazi ideas and of being “at war with Russia” in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine, which entered its 85th day this Friday, has already displaced more than 14 million people – about eight million have been internally displaced and more than 6.3 million have been displaced to neighboring countries – according to the latest UN data, leading to the Second World War (1939-1945). ) Then considered the worst that has ever happened in Europe.

According to the United Nations, about 15 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Russian invasion – justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the need to “tenacify” and militarize Ukraine for Russia’s security – was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and imposing sanctions that practically affect everyone. Departments, from banking to sports.

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The UN confirmed on Friday that 3,811 civilians had been killed and 4,278 wounded, but said that the number could be even higher and that it would only be known if there was access to the besieged cities or areas where there was still intense fighting.

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