“Batman” star Robert Pattinson had trouble stealing socks

  • “Batman” star Robert Pattinson said it was “impossible” to steal props from the set.
  • However, he managed to take a lot of socks off, until Warner Bros. I asked him to stop.
  • According to him, the studio said it was “nice to have a few”, but he was taking them “every day”.

Robert Patterson He said he was able to criticize items from a group”BatmanBut they were reprimanded for doing so.

“It’s impossible to take anything from him home,” Pattinson told film critic Ali Plumb on BBC Radio 1. Interview. “I’ve bought a lot of socks. All my socks are all from Batman.”

“I kept being told from Warner Brothers, ‘You know, it’s nice to have a few, but you take them every day,'” Pattinson added. How many socks do you need? Because we’ve been shooting for a year,” Pattinson added.

The “Harry PotterThe alum first appeared as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the latest retelling of the iconic character from DC Comics, directed by Matt Reeves and now in theaters.

Although actors are usually not allowed to take items from sets without permission, some stars often steal items that may hold some kind of sentimental value.

Reeves already He said He has had discussions with Warner Bros. About the sequel to the movie “The Batman”. So, Pattinson isn’t likely to take home any more important items than socks, at the moment—especially a prized Batman suit.

Robert Pattinson in Batman

Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne / Batman in The Batman.

Jonathan Olly / ™ & © DC Comics

In a recent interview with FandangoPattinson said so The ‘Batman’ crew acted differently around him When he was fully dressed.

“He has that kind of totem power,” said Pattinson, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Matt Reeves movie. Fandango. “The crew looked a little scared. It’s really weird. If you don’t say anything and you’re just standing there, people are scared of it.”

Pattinson recalls his experience taking the camera test: “People start sort of starting to act differently around you.”

“Batman” starring Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, is now showing in cinemas. Read our Insider review, with minor spoilers, here.

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