Antonio Costa: “All Ukrainians are welcome in Portugal”

Antonio Costa spoke to the nation after meeting with foreign and defense ministers and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces on Thursday about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Portuguese Prime Minister begins by stating, “I would like to reaffirm Portugal’s strong condemnation of today’s military action. [quinta-feira] Unleashed by Russia on Ukrainian territory. ”

“During this meeting, we heard detailed information from the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces. In the present day [quinta-feira], We will hold meetings of the Council of Europe, and the sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of this action will be a matter of urgency. On the other hand, the North Atlantic Council convenes, which will define the extent of NATO’s commitment to all NATO countries on the border with Ukraine. “

According to Antonio Costa, “This year, Portugal is consolidating NATO’s rapid reaction forces.

“NATO will not interfere or act in Ukraine, and Portuguese forces may be a deterrent to NATO countries near Ukraine,” he added.

The head of state leaves “a word of hope to the Ukrainian community living in Portugal.”

“They have our full unity. You are most welcome to Portugal. And your family, friends and acquaintances who want to seek safety and destiny to continue their lives are most welcome.

He also assured that several instructions had been sent to embassies in Ukraine and neighboring countries to expedite visas for those wishing to visit Portugal.

“With regard to the Portuguese and Portuguese-Ukrainians living in Ukraine, with the knowledge of the embassy, ​​if necessary, the evacuation process is established, which will be sent to everyone at the embassy and we will implement it.”, He shares.

The prime minister also said he wanted the move [russa] This is not just another step in a continuing expansion, but the UN. As per the Secretary-General’s most urgent request, Russia must stop the offensive, withdraw its troops and allow the diplomatic dialogue for peace in Europe and Russia to continue. ”

“We will present it with the High Council for National Security and the President, we are working with him and we will inform the largest opposition party. [que Portugal apresentará a nível internacional] We will first submit it to the High Council for National Security, ”he assured.

Regarding the possible changes in the state budget proposed in the Republican legislature, he considers that “this assessment will be made very soon.”

“You need to know the extent and duration of the conflict, and then find out what counter-measures will be used by Russia in relation to EU sanctions and whether it will ensure compliance with international law.

However, he assures Portugal that it is “less dependent on other states” than it does on meeting Europe’s need to diversify its energy supply and accelerate the process of decarbonization and renewable energy use.

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He reiterated that “what you want is to cut diplomatic routes” and that “the answer to this crisis should be a diplomatic solution, not conflict.”

“The bigger the storm, the calmer it needs to be,” he concludes.

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