Another Russian oligarch died. Alexander Subodh, Energy Chief, found dead by shamans after hangover treatment – Observer

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Alexander Zubodin, a multi-millionaire who was once one of the top executives of the energy company Lukoil, has reportedly died after being allegedly treated for a hangover. Moscow Times. He is the eighth Russian oligarch who has died under suspicious circumstances since Russia invaded Ukraine two and a half months ago.

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The 43-year-old died in Mytichi, near Moscow, the morning after treatment allegedly carried out by Alexei Pinturin and Christina DeGrip, two shamans known by their religious names, respectively, Magua Florus and Tina Cordoba, respectively. Treatment involves cutting the skin and exposing the wound to frog venom, which is a powerful phantom with a psychedelic characteristic.

Alexander Subodh, now the CEO of a distribution company (New Transport Company), is said to have suffered a heart attack shortly after the intervention, but was not helped by the medical team. Instead, shamans will administer a valerian-based tranquilizer, an herb with sedative effects. Russian officials say he was found dead the next morning.

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Alexander Subodh once worked for an energy company, Lukoil, near the Kremlin. Alexei Pintyurin and Christina Dekrip, who usually involve animal sacrifice and the calling of spirits, deny any murder in the death of the Russian oligarchy: they claim to be friends of Subodine and claim he was not charged for the treatment.

Coincidence or Putin’s purity? Since February, five Russian oligarchs have been found dead at home.

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