Angola. Five killed, eight injured in clashes between taxi drivers and Angolan police in Huambo – News

In a press release, Huambo’s National Police deplores the “inevitable” deaths caused by “acts of violence and contempt for the police force.”

In addition to the victims, police also recorded broken windows from two public transport buses, an ambulance, provincial offices of Urban and Environment, Angolan news agency ANGOP, INAFOP and a substation of Benguela Railway. .

The police refer to the attempted sabotage of food warehouses and the 3rd police station, as well as the sabotage of five action groups of the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).
According to the balance sheet, 29 motorcyclists were arrested for directly engaging in acts of public nuisance, which are criminally liable.

“The Command of the National Police of Huambo addresses the bereaved families with deep feelings of grief for the loss of their loved ones during the recorded acts of public disorder and reiterates its commitment to continue working to strengthen the sense of security in the communities. Under the terms of the law, it guarantees the free exercise of the rights and freedoms of citizens, therefore violence and public disorder It calls on people to refrain from engaging in inciting activities and remain calm,” the statement said.

On Monday, Huambo began to register acts of public disorder, which, according to the police, included the suspension of taxi operations in various parts of the province, in the municipalities of Huambo and Caala, among several taxi stops, an event there. Taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers “set up several barricades to harass colleagues who did not participate in the violent protest, throwing objects and attacking passengers as they disembarked from their vehicles.”
The situation “prompted the immediate intervention of police forces with a view to protecting the physical integrity of the people and their property”.

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As of last Friday, the issue has been the rise in petrol prices following the withdrawal of fuel subsidy by the government.

According to the government, there are subsidies for taxi drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers, urban public transport, fisheries sector and agriculture.

The government will issue personalized cards to taxi drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers and craft owners to continue paying 160 kwanzas (0.25 euros) per liter of petrol instead of 300 kwanzas (0.48 euros) per liter. Licensed operators of this type receive a daily subsidy of 7,000 guanzas (11.3 euros) the difference to cover the new value set for this fuel derivative.

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