And Japan has eased restrictions on the sale of Patriot missiles to the US. In this way, Ukraine – Executive Digest can be delivered even more

Japan has eased arms export restrictions in place since the end of World War II, allowing Tokyo to sell more Patriot air defense systems to the United States. In this way, it is possible to replenish North American stocks, thus allowing Washington to send more patriots to help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.

After a meeting of Japan's National Security Council this Friday, Yoshimasa Hayashi, the chief of staff, told reporters that the country could now sell Patriot missiles manufactured under license by North American companies.

The air defense systems in question are manufactured by Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, but under license from US manufacturers Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

“This decision is of significant importance for strengthening the Japan-US alliance. It will contribute to the peace and stability of Japan and the Indo-Pacific region,” the official continued.

According to experts interviewed by the New York Times, Japan's move, linked to South Korea's efforts to sell weapons to Poland, a close ally of Ukraine, will strengthen deterrence against threats from North Korea and China. Joined in creating a global arms market and supply chain.

“If we can build that kind of supply chain, our adversaries will think, 'Hey, the US, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will have a lot of weapons, ammunition and missiles. They won't be discouraged from attacking us first,'” said the professor of international relations at the National Graduate Institute for Political Studies in Tokyo. Narushige Michishita points out.

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