A woman shoots a Russian drone from the balcony … with a tomato can

The The retreat of the Ukrainians is significant and has been happening daily since Vladimir Putin launched his offensive against Ukraine in the early hours of February 24.

In Kiev, a woman knocks down a Russian drone with a can of tomatoes from her balcony.

The story was first told by Lyubov Sibulska, an adviser to the Ukrainian government, who tweeted about the incident.

The Ukrainian news website Liga.net.ua spoke to a woman named Elena who is in the group fighting against Russia.

Elena told Liga Nett that she was sitting on the balcony of her apartment in Kiev smoking and then suddenly the drone appeared.

In an attempt to stop the device, Elena tossed the pot of tomatoes and canned plums she had under her chair and stopped it if the device fired at her.

Can’t tell soon enough. The drone was neutral and the story of this woman went viral on social media.

Recall that in the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a military offensive against Ukraine.

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