A doctor helps a car accident victim, and hours later discovers it’s his daughter. The result was very bad – the news

It looks like a movie but it is a real story. A paramedic was called to help two seriously injured people after a car collided with a truck in Calgary, Canada on November 15. Jaime Erickson arrived at the scene in an ambulance with fire crews and quickly tried to save one of the victims, a young woman who was too badly to be recognized with severe facial and head injuries. Realizing that it was almost impossible to save her, he did what he could. 🇧🇷I really thought: Tonight a family is going to receive the terrible news that they have lost a daughter.A sister, a granddaughter”, he would later reveal. What Jaime didn’t expect was that he would be the recipient of this exact message.

Jaime Erickson told the whole story on Facebook

Jaime Erickson told the whole story on Facebook

” data-title=”Jaime Erickson told the full story on Facebook – hours after a doctor rescued a victim from a car accident, he discovered it was his daughter. The result is very bad – MAGG”>

Jaime Erickson told the whole story on Facebook

“This is my worst nightmare as a doctor”🇧🇷 These words come from Jaime Erickson, who will later reveal the story on his Facebook page. “We are overwhelmed with sadness and completely devastated. The pain I am going through is like no other pain I have ever experienced, it is indescribable,” the post shared on November 18 read.

The paramedic revealed the details of how everything happened that tragic night. “Upon arrival, we found two victims. [ao lado do condutor] Sikki was seriously injured. I sat in the car watching her, doing what I could while the firefighters tried to free her.“, Jaime wrote in the publication. But at that point, the doctor knew the victim would die from the severity of the injuries and there was very little that could be done. , the still young woman Jaime was airlifted to Foothills Medical Center in Calgary, where they tried to save her life. Jaime eventually went home to rest. But the worst happened soon.

“Within minutes of arriving home, my doorbell rang. My life changed forever. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were at my door to inform me that my daughter had been seriously injured in an accident. Who am I? Just saved. My own flesh and blood. My only daughter. . My mini-me. My daughter, Montana,” lamented Jaime Erickson.

It was unrecognizable.

The mother understands why she cannot recognize her own daughter. “Her injuries were so horrific I didn’t recognize her. I was later taken to see my little girl and was told her injuries were beyond life.”

The case was later elaborated on by the family’s spokesman, Richard Reed, who told reporters more details about the accident. According to what he said, and quoted by North American newspaper Today, 18-year-old Montana and a friend were returning home after walking their dogs in Big Hills Springs Park. The truck crashed into a car driven by a friend from Montana. Paramedics were immediately called and Jaime arrived to help the victims. 🇧🇷Staying inside the wrecked car for more than 20 minutes, he made sure the patient’s cervical spine was stable and his airway was clear.“, the spokesperson explained. “When he returned home, he expressed his grief and despair to his partner, telling him that a family might receive the news that he had lost a daughter, a sister and a granddaughter that night.”

Montana’s friend survived the crash and the truck driver suffered minor injuries.

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