10-year-old Ukrainian girl murdered by drunken Russian soldier in front of family – war in Ukraine

A Ukrainian family lived in terrifying moments and now mourns the death of 10-year-old Anastasia Soluk. The child was shot dead in the presence of family members by drunken Russian soldiers in a village outside the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

According to The Times, Russian troops talking to the family of little Anastasia Soluk began “firing in all directions” after the Ukrainian boy fired a gun into the air. After this first shot, the Russian players fired several shots, which struck Anastasia.

“The Russians robbed all the shops and drank a lot of alcohol, and then, already drunk, they started to shoot. They are already tired and bored, so it is said that they are shooting everywhere. In this case, a boy was shot. They asked, but because they were drunk, they They did not know where they were coming from and they were shooting in all directions, “said Anya, Anastasia’s cousin.

After the tragedy, the family wanted to take the girl’s body to the cemetery for burial, but Russian soldiers blocked access to the family’s grave and did not allow family members to say goodbye to the girl as they wished.

The family was forced to hold Anastasia’s funeral in a garden in the middle of the street where the baby’s body was buried.

“They opened fire on several houses. One of them was our anesthesia. She was with her uncle. She died instantly. The uncle who was with her was taken to the hospital, but we know nothing else about him,” he laments. Anya.

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