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Sit back, bring the kettle to a boil and open your thinking lid, because Wordle 281 will be available on March 27th. The latest Wordle puzzle is tricky, so you may need a little help figuring out the answer. Fortunately, this is where Express Online comes in. We’ve put together a selection of spoiler-free hints and clues to help you find the latest words. And remember, you only have 24 hours to solve Wordle 281, so you better hurry. good luck!

If you haven’t played Wordle and want to know what all the fuss is about, here’s how it works.

Players are given only six chances to correctly guess a five-letter word. You’ll need to use ellipsis to figure out the answer, paying close attention to the color of the squares.

If the tiles turn gray, the letter will not appear in the word you guessed.

If the tile turns yellow, then the letter you guessed is in the word, and not in the correct position. If the tile turns green, then the letter is in the word and in the right place.

You can share your score on social media (for bragging rights), while the app itself keeps track of your stats.

On the flip side, if you fail to solve the puzzle, you will have to wait until the next day for a new Wordle to be released.

Read on for some general Wordle tips, followed by three specific guides for Wordle 281 on March 27th…

Wordle tips and tricks…

• Do not use the same letter twice in your opening guess.

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• Try to use a couple of vowels in your first guess, especially “a” and “e”.

• Avoid letters such as “X”, “Z” and “Q” until later, when you have a better idea of ​​the answer.

• “CRane” is a good word to start with, while “GHOUL” is a decent second guess.

• Check out Express Online’s daily tips below…

Wordle 281 guides…

1. Wordle 281 begins with the letter “N”.

2. Shockingly, Wordle 281 does not contain any vowels.

3. Fans of Greek mythology and folklore must get this photo.

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