Windows 11 is getting tabs in File Explorer

Microsoft has started testing tabs in File Explorer on Windows 11. Rafael Rivera, one of the developers of EarTrumpet The Windows app discovered that New Tabs support is hidden inside the latest Windows 11 test build from Microsoft. It seems that this feature Secret add-ons Microsoft started testing in Windows 11 recently.

Adding tabs to File Explorer in Windows 11 allows multiple folders to be opened in a single window. Microsoft started for the first time Test tabs in Windows 10 appsunder feature named groups. This included support for tabs within File Explorer and tabs in every Windows app, except for Microsoft Project Cancellation And it’s not shipped to Windows 10 users.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be fixing its File Explorer interface as part of support for this tab. Windows File Explorer has been in the operating system since Windows 95, and it has a variety of designers create concepts To try to improve and modernize it in recent years.

While Microsoft made some improvements to File Explorer in Windows 11, one developer went even further and created a new File Explorer app. files, application Available in the Windows Storealready supports tabs and includes other modern themes and features.

Now we are waiting for Microsoft to officially announce tabs for File Explorer. Head of the Windows Insider Program Amanda Langofsky He said last month The company “will only communicate about features that we intentionally enable for internal subscribers to try and provide feedback on.” Since tabs are a much needed feature of File Explorer, we’re expecting to hear an official announcement from Microsoft soon.

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