Wind farms are shutting down. Find out why

Wind turbines at a marine park were turned off in the Netherlands to ensure the safety of birds.

you The Netherlands shut down offshore wind turbines in the North Sea to allow birds to migrate safely. Local officials said it would be an international first.

Four hoursWind turbines at the wind farms Borssele from Orsted and Egmond aan Zee from NoordzeeWind were erected so as not to interfere with bird migration routes in the area.

NordzeeWind offshore wind farm (Photo: NordzeeWind)

The decision came to stop the turbines After the experts predict the passage of birds. Two days’ advance warning was given before shutting down the offshore wind farm, enough time to ensure stability of the power grid.

This is the first time, but it won’t be the last. These types of measures can often be initiated to ensure that biodiversity is protected and that offshore wind farms do not disrupt bird migration..

In migration times, this is already predicted. The speed of the wind turbines is only two revolutions per minute at night. Braking the turbines was a test run before full-scale operation in the fall.

The action is repeated during migration (Photo: Timusic Photographs/Unsplash)

Bird conservation is a concern in the Netherlands The country plans to increase wind power in the North Sea to 70 GW by 2050.

All over the world, there have been Recommendations to reduce the impact of wind turbines on bird passageways, such as line painting for easy identification of large structures.

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