Why have at least 80 dolphins died in the Black Sea since the beginning of the war in Ukraine? – Viewer

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During the first month of the war in Ukraine, more than 80 species of dolphins Delphinus Delphis Were found dead on the west coast of the Black Sea. Landscape That Turkish Maritime Research Foundation Classified The “extraordinary increase” was reported in a report released on March 26.

Conflicts in Ukraine may have been the cause of these deaths. Many experts justify increasing noise pollution in the north of the Black Sea. Caused by about 20 Russian naval vessels and military operations.

Of these, about 40 mammals were trapped in fishing nets and died. What happened to the other half is still an “unanswered question”, Took Foram Asturk, chairman of the foundation, told The Guardian. There were no signs of injuries from fishing nets or weapons on the bodies.

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The shock of sound seems to be one of the possibilities, “Öztürk stressed:” We have no evidence that this is due to the low frequency sounds of many ships, but it is also true that we have never heard so much noise. Such a long time – and science is always looking for evidence. “

Ships have sonar to detect enemy submarines at great distances and underwater noise can have serious consequences for Cetaceans survival.

This constant noise does not kill the animals, Stressed Pavel Goldin, a researcher at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, but it causes them “serious” obstacles. For example, dolphins move to an unnamed area to avoid noise: “This may be due to the massive migration of fish and Cetaceans to the south [costas turca e búlgara do Mar Negro]”.

The scientific community’s investigations are hampered by the fact that there are no protocols for protecting marine mammals during war. “There are dozens of ships in the Black Sea, but we do not even know how often they use sonar”, Öztürk underlined. According to the British newspaper, lack of access to information has not only limited work on Cetacean deaths It also makes it harder to find out which animals are most at risk.

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