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On the 20th day of the war, The number of Russian generals killed in the war has risen to four From the beginning of the invasion: the name of Oleg Midyev was added this Tuesday by Andrei Sukhovsky, Vitaly Gerasimov and Andrei Kolsnikov. Many experts point out, According to The BBC reports that there are 20 generals leading Russian operations in Ukraine. That is, if all the deaths reported so far are true, Russia has already lost one-fifth of these top officials involved in the war.

What triggers this fact? That is not enough They are in the wrong place at the wrong time, says Rita Gonev of Georgetown University: “I do not think it’s an accident. One [morto] It’s an accident, but this number is targeted, ”the researcher told the British newspaper.

Kone’s suspicion is confirmed by a source close to President Zhelensky Reports To the Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s military intelligence team is on the lookout for Russian military officials. “They are looking for top generals, pilots, artillery commanders,” he says, “and they have all the details and names.”

Normal Low military strength, Killing commanders “feeds Ukraine’s morale. There is an element of success. This is encouraging, ”Gonav explains.

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Unequal fighting on all fronts. Russia is attacking Ukraine “with the greatest military force since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.”

Location is important when targeting Russian officials, and it exposes the Kremlin problem: communication. By the way, The news of the death of Major General Vitaly Gerasimov was delivered by a simple cell phone And, as a result, was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence services, as can be seen later. “If the Russians use analog phones or radios to communicate with top officials, the Ukrainians have it all in their hands,” explained Konrat Musika, a Rosen consulting security expert.

Disadvantages aside, the question arises: why are the top armed forces at the forefront? Eli Tennembo, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) To make up for the difficult moral situation, Moscow “calls on the generals to be the leader of the troops and to take risks.”

The investigator thinks that the strong military units stationed on the border with Ukraine are not ready for war, which may have led to discouragement and the “possible withdrawal of Russian soldiers who have abandoned their vehicles on the field.” To the news agency France-Press (AFP), Quoted Dennembaum says on French 24 radio that they were going to fight 24 hours earlier.

Defense expert Rob Lee, in turn, underscores the “tradition” of giving broad general authority to “a heavyweight character” and “highly centralized decision-making”, so being at the forefront is not “shocking”, he emphasizes to The Wall Street Journal.

In recent years, there has been a major shift in the way battalion commanders are forced to think freely and with freedom of decision, ”Musika said. “But it was introduced three years ago, so it has not yet had the right effect on their performance.”

The details of the death circumstances of the generals are not clear and it is difficult to obtain solid facts about what is happening on the ground. They are believed to have died in the front row, but not necessarily, Gonov defends: “For example, they may cross or refuel fuel lines.

However, Eli Dennbam warns that the strategic significance of the death of these generals should not be underestimated, for example, the actions of someone like Gerasimov could easily be considered by lower-level individuals. But, of course, their deaths “hit Russia the same way.”

Oh Experienced Major General Andrei SukovetskyThe commander of the 7th Air Force was killed in the war in Ukraine March 3rd And, Second Independent, citing a military source, one Sniper. He is 47 years old. Unlike other deaths, Tsukovsky’s deaths were reported in Russian newspapers and confirmed by the Russian president.

First casualty in the Russian army: Major General dies in battle during the invasion

At the time of the first weight loss, many experts described it as a bad omen for Putin’s plans and evidence of a reduction in the Russian military. Cristo KuroshevManaging Director of Bellingcat, an investigative journalism website.

Sukhovsky began his military service as a battalion commander after graduating from the Air Force Military Academy and has held various leadership positions over the past few years. He participated in the Russian military campaign in Syria and Crimea and was the deputy commander of the 41st Allied Armed Forces.

Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, The first deputy commander of the 41st Army in Russia’s Central Military District, was killed on March 7 in a suburban suburb of Kharkiv, one of the most stressed cities by the Moscow attacks. This information was presented by Ukrainian sources.

A respected Russian military veteran, he was involved in the Second Chechnya War, the war in Syria and the annexation of Crimea in 2014 – thus earning him a medal for achievements in the region.

Information about the death of an FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) officer Gerasimo exposed the communication problems of Russian troops: he used a cell phone with a regular SIM card, which was easily intercepted by the Ukrainian secret services, says Cristo Grochev.

At the other end of the Bellingate press line, Dmitry Shevchenko identified himself as a senior FSB officer in Tula, 600 km from Kharkiv. When he heard the message on a civilian cell phone, Shevchenko took a “long pause” and vowed.

On the call, the subordinate asked if he could speak through the “era” – the cryptocurrency system introduced by the Kremlin last year, which promised to fight “under any circumstances.”

However, the “era” did not work, and the fault of the Russian “idiots” who destroyed many 3G telecommunication towers in Kharkiv – the era system needed a 3G or 4G network to work. “Safe cell phones that do not work in areas where the Russian military operates are fitted in the Russian military”, Detailed crochet.

Major General Andrei KolsnikovThe commander of the 29th Allied Armed Forces died on March 11, Ukrainian sources said. He is 45 years old – Born February 6, 1977 in Oktyabrskye (Russia).

The circumstances of the death were not disclosed until this article was published.

Major General Oleg MidyevWhat Ordered Russian 150th Motorized Naval Division – a division formed in 2016 and in the Rostov region near the Ukrainian border – Killed by Azov Battalion This Tuesday, on the outskirts of the city Like Mariupol. He is 46 years old.

Without official confirmation from Russia so far, Anton Zerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, released a photo of 46-year-old Mytev in the Telegram.

Kiev says a fourth Russian army chief has died in battle

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