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He is one of Vladimir Putin’s key allies and – as Russia’s defense minister – will be one of the leading figures in the country facing war. However, the reality is very different: Sergei Shoiku has been missing for 12 days. He last appeared in public on March 11 on Russian state television.

Sergei Shoiku wanted to appear on Russian social mediaIn 2012 it launched a campaign to improve the public image of the Ministry of Defense. This has raised many doubts. Agentstvo, a Russian independent intelligence newspaper, heard from the Kremlin. GuessesNewsweek quoted the minister as saying he was suffering from a heart condition and was not feeling well. But this information could not be confirmed.

Officially, the Kremlin reports that Sergei Shoiku, 66, met with Vladimir Putin on March 18 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine. However, no photo or video of the minister was released.And his profile on the website of the guard he presides over has not been updated since March 11th.

Putin responds to NATO members by placing more vigilant anti-nuclear forces

The last time the defense minister met with the Russian president was on February 27, three days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Jake Cordell, a correspondent for the Independent Moscow Times, wrote on his official Twitter account that Sergei Shoy was “not found after the nuclear arsenal.” [russo] Was On high alert. “ He also shared a photo of the two leaders: “Photos of happy times”.

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Except for Sergei Shoigu, And Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov (And one of the best Russian war strategists) He was not seen with Putin after the February 27 meeting. The location of the two is unknown, but it appears on the same day it was announced Anatoly SubaisBoris Yeldin’s Minister, known as the “Father of the Oligarchs”, has already left the country – holding the post of Special Representative of the Russian President to International Organizations since 2020.

Anatoly Subais, who left Russia to step down as Putin’s representative, has been described as “the father of oligarchs”.

The The Russian invasion of Ukraine did not go as planned. On Tuesday, the Pentagon announced that the Ukrainian military would launch counterattacks, which would allow it to re-emerge from Russian troops battling communications issues, especially in the south. In addition, Russian forces “have difficulty speaking to each other” because they are “running out of gas and food” and “In trouble”.

The Pentagon says Russian forces have lost ground and are “in trouble”

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