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Yegor’s father spoke first. On a Russian social network, Dmitry Schreiberts complained that no one told him anything: his son was one of the group. Moscow ship, Shipwrecked in the Black Sea by Ukrainian missiles. From the regime of Vladimir Putin, who immediately rejected the notion that the ship had sunk by the Ukrainian military – there was no news about the fate of the crew. In one video, the crew was safe and noisy, but where about a hundred players appeared, the crew was five times larger than the number.

The Great Mystery of the Black Sea: After all, what happened to Moscow’s crew? Did they die or survive?

“I was informed by the direct commanders of Moscow that my son, a hired man, was not among the dead and wounded. But it is listed as missing. Listed as missing a recruit who should not have participated in the hostility. Has he disappeared into the high seas? !!! ”, the father wrote on the Vkontakte network, which will eventually be deleted. Dmitry Schreibert is a supporter of the February 24 occupation of Ukraine by Russia and the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

On April 15, he posted a photo with his son and wrote about “the country that should not be”, Ukraine.

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Back on social media, Dmitry Schreiberts said he was contacted by three other Russian families – from Yalta, Alupka and St. Petersburg – with similar stories. “Their children – too many recruits – are missing.”

Since then, several newspapers have attempted to unravel the group’s location, Like Medusa. Officer’s death Ivan Vakrushev Confirmed by Radio Liberty and the wife of a first class sailor Vitaly Bekersky By his cousin Anastasia Agents

Russia lost one of its largest warships. What do you know about the Moskva attack?

In the Crimea, this is a story Andre, 19-year-old, who saw daylight. His mother, Yulia Chiova, told BBC Russia that her son’s name was still on the list of missing Moscow group members.

Back on social media, on Vkontakte, Ulyana Tarasova confirms her son குறி “The ship Moskva went missing on board”, confirmed by Agentsvo. Anna Siromyasova, from the Sverdlovsk region, mourns the loss of her son in Moscow, not knowing what fate befell her. “There are no lists. We are just looking for them. They are not telling us anything.” Said Mother Medusa.

In addition to the families, suspicion of what happened to the ship reached state television. Vladimir Solovyov – who witnessed the burning of one of his houses captured in Italy for being a supporter of Putin – was excited to talk about the matter.

“How did we miss Moscow?”, He asked on a prime-time plan what the ship was doing there and how it was possible that, for example, fire systems were not working. “I’m angry about what happened.”

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