What should be in an emergency bag in case of a nuclear attack? Russia responds

Near Gorky Park in Moscow, an electronic sign informs passers-by about preparations for a nuclear attack: an emergency bag should contain a radio, food and water for three days.

In another part of the Russian capital, another billboard is the closest to an underground shelter in case Russia is bombed with nuclear bombs.

But the Muscovites were not too concerned.

“These warnings don’t scare me (…). I think we live in the safest country in the world”, says one.

“I checked the distance to the nearest bunker and it’s too far, I can’t go there. But I’m calm.”

Russian Emergencies Ministry says This public campaign has been going on for yearsBut only now are people starting to notice.

With the war in Ukraine and Russian troops blocked on the ground, the Kremlin has turned to the use of a nuclear posture and the threat of using this type of weapon.

Already this week, Vladimir Putin confirmed the transfer of tactical nuclear weapons to the territory of neighboring and ally Belarus.

At the same time, it announced military exercises in three regions. Thousands of soldiers are currently testing the Yars system and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

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